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    Video Baselworld 2011: BR 01 Red Radar

    Inspired by air traffic control radars
    In 2010, the BR 01 RADAR from Bell&Ross offered a new perception of time with a totally new method of reading it, inspired by an air traffic control instrument - the radar. In its continual quest for innovation and performance, Bell&Ross is offering in 2011 a new interpretation of its radar display, making it more analogous to the original instrument.

    The BR 01 RED RADAR analog display is uncannily similar to radar on air traffic controls. Its graphics feature the sweeping effect of a light beam on an actual radar screen. This new version is once again upending traditional time-reading modes:
    • The functions of the hands and the dial are merged onto the same plane. In their place, three independent concentric discs are marked with three red beams. Where these luminous beams with their gradually shaded color begin, the hours, minutes and seconds can be read as the eye is directed towards the center of the dial.
    • In the red-tinted crystal, two graduated axes and index indicate the measurement of the time.
    • The red on the dial and case’s anti-reflective matte black background mirrors the screens in air traffic control rooms: it also provides the striking contrast necessary for optimal readability.

    A technical marvel
    Despite its apparent simplicity, the BR 01 RED RADAR is highly sophisticated. The technical challenge posed by its design and production required a concerted effort from the best watchmaking engineers.
    • As each disc weighs thirty times more than a hand, ultra-light discs had to be created to prevent a drop in power reserve or watch precision. Each disc also had to be sufficiently strong to avoid distortion and minimize friction. Specific materials and new techniques had to be developed to meet this dual challenge.
    • An adjustment to the nearest micron ensures that the discs are constantly parallel during rotation. The accuracy of the watch requires all the expertise of master watchmakers.

    With the BR 01 RED RADAR, Bell&Ross has once again gone beyond the classic concept of reading time by referencing as much as possible the air traffic control screen display design.

    Interview Bell & Ross - BR 01 RED RADAR Baselworld 2011
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    Re: Baselworld 2011: BR 01 Red Radar

    Love this model. 100% better than the original radar.


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    Re: Baselworld 2011: BR 01 Red Radar

    Very nice.... thanks for sharing Ernie

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