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BR 126 / Vintage 126

Thread: BR 126 / Vintage 126

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  1. grinhu said:

    BR 126 / Vintage 126

    I have a vintage 126, since 2004. I really like this watch, so I was a bit sad to see it disappear of the B&R catalogue, and also very curious of the new BR126 line.
    Here are some pictures of the BR126 Original Black with some of my other watches, the Vintage 126 and the Sinn 757.
    The BR 126 exists in 5 versions: heritage (pvd), original black and beige, officer black and silver (polished hands and saphire back).
    The BR126 is still described as the a simple, functionnal and timeless watch by B&R, as the Vintage 126 watch, but if the inspiration of the Vintage 126 was clear (per example Lemania RN), the inspiration of the BR 126 is clearly the BR01 line, the cockpit instrument look.
    The new case is very edgy but very nice and the 41mm are quite comfortable because of its curved shape.

    With the Sinn 757. Despite a similar inspiration for the hand, the watches are totally different, the Sinn is a technical tough watch (and is perfect for that), while the BR126 is a more stylish watch, very well designed, more refined: its sapphire is superb, dial printings very finely done, a very nice watch, the case is also more original:

    Three very different watches, with each their identity. The BR126 is really interesting. Lots of people were interested by B&R look, but not by the BR01 square case, i think that the BR126 could be very successful, that would be deserved, it is a great watch.

    It is not an in depth review, so please leave comments, questions if you want to know more about these models.
  2. rhyno46 said:
    Nice pieces
  3. franky85 said:

    Re: BR 126 / Vintage 126

    awesome watches man. and I agree, the 126 is just like you described it, it has the BR look but with a round case. I don't like the square cases either but the dial and hands and everything, the cockpit look is absolutely amazing and no one does that better than bell and ross I think.. well maybe fortis, they make great technical looking watches as well.

    I can't really decide between the 126 original chrono and 123. dunno if the chrono is "worth" another 1000 euros. the 123 looks good too, even "cleaner" and it's got 3, 6 and 12 on the dial instead of only 12 and 6 which is just a little bit odd on the chrono .. is it?

    here's a pic:

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  4. althaur's Avatar

    althaur said:

    Re: BR 126 / Vintage 126

    I have the heritage 123 and absolutely love it. I do wish it were just a tad bigger though. Very simple but gorgeous.
    Josh Reis

  5. akira23's Avatar

    akira23 said:

    Re: BR 126 / Vintage 126

    Great photos! Someday I'll get an Heritage Vintage 123 or 126....
    Tempus Fugit.....

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