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    Hello B&R Fans. I need your expert advice. I am considering purchasing a 'gently used' BR02 with the PVD finish. My question to those that own one of these, with this particular finish it durable? I have primarily owned stainless steel or brushed finished watches, and if any wear/tear occur while wearing them, I can simply take them to a AD, and have them polish it up to look new again. So, my only concern is premature wear/tear to the BR02 with this finish. If you could let me know your thoughts, I would really appreciate it Thanks in advance
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    Re: Br02

    Click on this link, it may help: -480668.html

    Oh, and this one too:

    This question has come up a few times before on this forum.

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    Re: Br02

    Its very reasonably durable.. often times when you hit it, and you expect to see some massive damage, nothing has happened, however if you take a look at some older really abused PVD finishes, the watches actually look great once they get past that akward stage of initial wear, its like distressed leather over time, so you would never polish a PVD watch or repair a PVD watch, nor were they ever designed to keep a flawless finish.. i mean they are millitary style watches afterall. The finish matures which is pretty cool. This tends to be for the detriment of flippers.
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