Thread: Genuine or not.

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    Genuine or not.

    Just looking at this on ebay,what do you guys think is it genuine is there anyway to tell.
    Bell & Ross BR01 Orange Face on eBay (end time 12-Mar-11 08:18:22 GMT)

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    Re: Genuine or not.

    Taken from the ebay page.

    Quote Originally Posted by ebayseller
    Question & Answer Answered On 07-Mar-11
    Q: hey, is this 100% genuine?
    A: Thanks for the question, I do not know 100%, but I would suggest it is a very good replica which is why I started the bidding at 99p and said that it just came with a watch pillow and no box or documents. I do not want to mis lead anyone or anyone be disappointed but this really is a nice self winding watch which looks and feels great.
    Just to clarify that the above is taken from a question someone asked the seller, and that seller's response- not my own opinion.
    Someone with more knowledge correct me, but I thought the orange was a special edition that was carbon (black case) only? Maybe there are orange with stainless out there, but that one had me thinking it isn't legit... Also, where he shows the picture of the back of the case, there are supposed to be four 1.3mm hex "holes" that let you take off the lugs (I think). On the "replica" watches, (I've seen one or two) it's just an etching of a hexagon, but no hole. I can't say if it's the same for every watch, but every legit B&R I've seen had either the holes or nothing, but none had just a "drawing" of a hexagon. His just has the etching.
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    Re: Genuine or not.

    Or Not!!!
    The BR-01-92 Orange LTD does not come on a SS case. It only comes PVD. There is a ltd orange edition that comes on a titanium case but that has a carbon fiber dial. Not only is that a fake, it's a p*ss poor one as well. IMHO, the bid's already too high.

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    Re: Genuine or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by rockin'ron View Post
    Or Not!!! Not only is that a fake, it's a p*ss poor one as well. IMHO, the bid's already too high.
    Hehe ya, good call. Its another serial number 555 >.< <----def. huge "FAKE" sign


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