Thread: Is this a good price for a new BR03 Heritage?

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    Is this a good price for a new BR03 Heritage?

    I was shopping with my wife last night and walked into Torneau, just to kill time, and they had a BR03-92 Heritage that I really liked. They told me that they could sell it to me for $3,440. I have not shopped this watch at all, so I wasn't sure it was a good deal or not.

    I prefer the BR03 for size, but I prefer the strap on the BR01 Heritage, so they said that they could order me that strap, and were going to get me a price on the additional strap. Thoughts on what that price would be?




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    Re: Is this a good price for a new BR03 Heritage?

    Test drive it & if it 'calls' to you.....go for it!
    Tempus Fugit.....

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