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    Length of Xsmall velcro

    Hi Guys,

    Firstly, Happy new year to all. I recently aquired a BR03-92 Blue. It came with the regular rubber + velcro, which the salesman told me is the shortest of them all.

    I have read that the velcro came in 3 sizes and was happy to manage to get the shortest since i only have a 6 inch wrist.
    But in coming home, i realise it was still a tad too long. i have measured the velcro and the buckle side is 80mm (including the buckle) and the other end is 85mm.

    Can somebody please help me confirm this is the actual length of the extra small or maybe this is actually the regular, so that i can either swap it or go hunting for a ACTUAL Xsmall velcro.

    Peter A

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    Re: Length of Xsmall velcro

    You may have a better chance by going to the B & R official website and either look at the forum there or look for the nearest AD, then I would email or call them to see if they had any velco straps and if they come in different sizes.

    Tempus Fugit.....

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