Military Ceramic- limited?

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    Military Ceramic- limited?

    After a horrible experience on eBay trying to buy an 03-88 Aviation Type, I figure I'd be better off putting the money away (when it's refunded...) and buying myself the Military Ceramic instead.

    I have heard conflicting things about this model- all of the ADs I've spoken with say it's a limited piece, but this video says it's going to be a regular model:
    Video Presentation of the BR 03-92 Military Ceramic Bell & Ross Instrument - The Baily Blog

    Does anyone know the deal behind this watch? I have been entranced by it since I've seen the photos months ago and would hate to miss a chance to buy it because I'm waiting another few months to save up the extra cash.

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    Re: Military Ceramic- limited?

    Hi there!

    The ceramic is not a limited edition, although a gorgeous piece!

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