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    Question To people with an BR01 and a 6.5" wrist...

    Does the OEM strap seem to fit your wrist or do you find the fitment too loose even on the first hole? I find that on many OEM straps I usually have to end up punching an extra hole because of my wrist, want to make sure this is not the case on the BR01 before I pull the trigger.

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    Re: To people with an BR01 and a 6.5" wrist...

    My experience is last hole usually and smaller wrist at 6'' Ive had customs made and B&R specs they use fit great. Ive def. had this same experience in punching holes in OEM straps IWC Big Inge for example >.< and gladly its not the case for me here. Both the 01 and obviously 03 look great including wrists as small, perhaps smaller then mine.

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