Thread: Recently purchased my first B&R and I'm quite pleased.

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    Recently purchased my first B&R and I'm quite pleased.

    I have always admired the Bell & Ross line of watches. I knew one day I would finally get one, though I never thought it would be the Type Demineur. However, recently I found myself looking for a new grab and go watch. One that can be worn with jeans and a tee shirt, or to work and easily fit under a button down sleeve. I wanted the watch to be a quartz model for it's . . . Oh crap I'm late for work grab and go ease . . . no winding, no date to set, no need to hack.

    I came across the Type Demineur while searching the web. I really like the look and size. It has a nice presence on the wrist for a relatively thin, roughly 40mm piece. The bracelet is top notch and lends to the strong presence by flairing out to a 22mm width just past the 20mm lugs. I have read that the early models had a more coin edge type bezel. These early models I understand were made by Sinn for B&R (that explains the bracelet) I wish I could have found the Sinn built model . . . this would have also filled my desire to own a Sinn! Anyway, this is a great little watch that is a relatively inexpensive entry point into the Bell & Ross line. Here are a few pics.

    Sorry I'm late, I had a difficult time choosing which watch to wear .
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    Re: Recently purchased my first B&R and I'm quite pleased.

    That's a good looking watch! Congrats!
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    Re: Recently purchased my first B&R and I'm quite pleased.

    Nice clean looking piece. Congrats!

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    Re: Recently purchased my first B&R and I'm quite pleased.

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    Re: Recently purchased my first B&R and I'm quite pleased.

    very nice. like the range. now you are bitten by the BR bug, go get a BR 01 or 03 series.

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