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Thread: Seiko 6138 Chronograph Reference Guide

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    Re: Seiko 6138 Chronograph Reference Guide


    I have a 1971 6138-001x (family watch) I'm thinking of getting it serviced by SUKL, as the winder does not work. There is plenty of wear on the case and glass. If they can fix / repair ti should I get the glass and the bezel changed, or leave it as it is. I will not get the back or case changed as it's engraved. I want to keep it and have it in working order, but I don't want to spoil it. Any advice?

    Great review of the 6138 series BTW, thanks :)

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    Re: Seiko 6138 Chronograph Reference Guide

    Thanks for a great post. Lots of useful information.

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    Re: Seiko 6138 Chronograph Reference Guide

    Very informative OP. I just noticed some discrepancies on the seiko panda sample. Here are some

    1. Syringe hands are tapered. Also notice that it is all black, should be no paint near the center pivot.

    2. Lume plots are a bit long.

    3. Letter "O" on the SEIKO Logo should be elongated

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    Re: Seiko 6138 Chronograph Reference Guide

    are those 6138 pictures all yours????
    if yes, VERY INSANE collection i must say!
    now i have a very strong urge to swear!!!

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