1 owner, almost never worn Seiko Presmatic 5106. This is the export model, the home versions had a different name...
Comes complete with its original bracelet, box and sales receipt. The watch was purchased in HK in 1976, but according to the serial number was actually manufactured in july 1968, something which ties in with the info i have managed to find about this rare Seiko. Made only for 2 yrs and featuring a 33j chronometer grade movement akin to the GS and KS models.

A truly remarkable peice with barely a mark on it...there are a couple of scuffs on the clasp and 2 small nicks on the case around the 2 o clock position..other than that the watch is pretty much as it would have been when purchased.
The watch, to my knowledge, has not been serviced, and although it keeps good time and functions correctly,i would advise the purchaser to have it serviced.
Price is 295 ono. Inc RMSD. International at cost. Cash, cheque, transfer in GBP. Paypal if you pay the fees.
PS...yes it has the original hex crown!