Digging around the other day I found this watch I forgot I had. I've had this thing since about 2002. It has quite obviously been used, but other than some scratches on the crystal, there isn't anything that bad. (The pictures make it look worse than it is).

I took it out of the drawer, shook it for a while and timed it for about 24 hours. It kept pretty good time, but I don't know how many seconds per day or any of that, but it was right to the minute.

I said all that to say this: Take it head-only for $23 delivered in the US. That's $20 for the watch, and $3 for shipping and PP fees. For this price you will get what I'm confident is a good beater as-is, or you can fix it up with a new crystal and minor regulation (if needed) and wear it that way. Watch measures 36mm with 18mm lugs, sports the 7S26 automatic movement, and it's in about 87% condition.

Oh, by the way, the lume is STUPID bright! Even brighter than my Citizen Skyhawk A-T.

Send offers to kf4vix82 AT gmail.com