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Alligator 101
Alligator straps vary in price, so I thought I’d give a lesson in how prices are determined. Above is a picture of an alligator belly, the source of alligator strap leather. You’ll notice in the center of the skin the scales are much wider than the outer edges. This is where the premium cuts of alligator come from and are often referred to as “center cut”, “large scale”, “vertical” or “bamboo style” scale patterns. Depending on the lug width of the straps being prepared you only get 6-8 alligator bands out of this center section for every skin you purchase. The rest of the skin is what makes up the small scale and exotic grain straps. Using vertical cuts reduces the yield of every skin a manufacturer buys and accordingly you see higher prices for straps coming from the center of the belly.
Other determinants are: the country of manufacture, the lining and other special preparations.
Alternatively, some manufacturers use a horizontal cut from the alligator belly, you get a better yield, i.e. more straps from one skin, but no square grain straps.

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Atelier Du Bracelet Parisien – A.B.P. Genuine Square Grain Alligator – Contrast Stitch. Hand made in France and an absolutely beautiful strap, large grain alligator, made for your precious or most beloved watch…. MSRP ???? Forum Price $260

Lengths are all 75x115, measurements below are Lug x buckle x thickness at lugs.
20 x 18 x 4.5 in Black, Brown, Tan
22 x 18 x 5.0 in Black , Brown, Tan

Camille Fournet Introductory price $229.00) New to FWS - Luxurious genuine matte square grain alligator, made in France. Padding increases by size to accommodate larger watches. Customs available and more styles on order.
Currently in stock
Sizes/(Padding): 18x16 (3.5), 19x16 (4.0) 20x16 (4.0), 20x18 (4.5), 22x18 (5.0mm)
Colors: Black, Brown, Gold Brown
Lengths: 75x115

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