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    Hampden Hunter 1904 17 Jewels *SOLD*

    3/0 size, a tiny bugger. This one is stunning. Dial has no hairlines. Deeply engraved front and back, engraved inner dust cover on the inside. Stem wind lever set. What I find more rare, in these small pieces is the fact its 17 jewels, most were not. I cannot see any pocket wear. Hinges are tight and about 90 degrees or as almost new. Keeps excellent time. This is a real cute piece yet mighty in its tiny stature, would actualy fit in the jeans pocket watch pocket! Have it serviced, its worth while to protect this investment, its running great, movements pretty clean as you can see spotless but a tad stiff, I would get it serviced before putting it through daily use.

    Shipping included, payment via paypal.


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