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Thread: How to help AVOID being scammed

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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    Hello Everyone,
    Just wanted to add my .2 cents. I work in law enforcement and I would avoid accepting any type of money order (even postal and american express) for a watch. These can be counterfeited and with the way today's banks work, you could deposit this and not find out unitl 7-14 days later when the bank takes back its money from you that you wre scammed. Yes, a buyer could still reverse charges on you if they payed with a credit card but in that case the credit card company has to then contact you to find out your side of the story before they reverse the charge on you. In this case pictures of the watch, shipping receipts, copies of tracking information and signature upon delivery become your best friends.

    When thought of in this way the 3% fee Paypal charges doesn't seem like much to avoid all the headaches, specially with big ticket items.
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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    I have seen many comments about "post count" from numerous people popping up on WUS when it comes to purhcasing a watch from a seller and all I will say is that if you are going to take into account post count, do it for the ENTIRE community as Boots says. I know Boots on other fora as well. MWR being one. Heck, most of you won't even know me here. I use a different screen name here as this is an older screen name. On other forums, I'm John_in_Tn. The only consisten thing between my 2 screen names is my email address.

    Look at my count...Some of you would view this as LOW for a seller yet if take into account all the other fora that I'm a member of, and review the actual content of my posts on this forum as well as the others you would see that I have a high post count.

    The list up top while being helpful to some is a bit.....paranoid to a certain degree. So are some of the comments about facebook, passport photos, DL photos etc.

    #1. Someone asks for my facebook info...sorry out of luck. Never been to facebook and don't ever plan on going, nor twitter, or myspace or any of those other places.

    #2. Forget about me giving you my passport or DL picture.

    #3. Newspaper? Huh? Like Boots, I can't remember when I last bought a physical newspaper.

    #4. Like Boots, if as a seller I feel you are wasting my time with mundane questions trying to make certain I am who I say I am without doing any research on your end, I very well might tell you to take a hike as I have others who will buy from me.

    I might not be a dealer or a collector to the degree of others on this or any other forum but I have made enough high dollar sales to know that my reputation is sound and I am who I am. I'll assist any interested buyer in establishing that using the COMMUNITY but will not jump through hoops to do so.

    Just my 5 cents.

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    Re: ** warning ** scammers alert ** UPDATE

    i'd steer clear of this fella. although he's on ebay he's using the same photos(bad ones at that) that AMSCLOTHING(recently banned member) used for a bunk sale on our lovely forum.

    link and new user name.

    watchmcclures on ebay
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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed cashiers check

    I agree a USPS money order or bank cashier's check can be faked. But I will accept them. If it's a USPS MO just bring to the PO to verify. A cashier's check I will call the bank and verify it was from them. Plus do some checking on the person sending it.

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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    If you want to accept a cashier's check or a money order do so but just make it perfectly clear to the buyer that it will delay shipping the watch by a week till all the funds clear.

    I only will accept a USPS money order and I'll hit the post office late in the day when they have cash on hand. I'll just cash it right there. If I have two due to the USPS limitations on amount, I'll hit them twice. I've already told the buyer to expect a delay.

    As for a cashier's check, I deposit it at my bank and I'll wait. Even after the funds show up in my account I wait and I'll wait, and I'll wait. After around a week, I'll confirm with the bank.

    Of course, IMO, if the buyer will send a cashier's check then they should be willing to do a money wire at which point I will let them know I do accept that. This is of course after they have verified references that are requested.
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    Exclamation New Scam ALERT

    There are 2 new forum scams that I want you to keep an eye out for. The first was reported by a member here and these are the details. We think they are "farming" for information to perpetrate fraud: These are messages that we received from a member:

    I responded to this (PM and email) as soon as I saw it. in fact I offered him $30 because I saw that someone else had beat me to it. I also asked for paypal info so that I could make payment.

    Here is his response via PM:

    <quote> it sells for $25 including shipment.shipment is by Swiss Air and it takes a maximum of 6 hours to reach you wherever you are located in the if you are interested,get back to me with your details like full names,address,phone number,etc so i can start immediately with the shipping process.please contact me directly using

    thanks and waiting.

    Two more emails while I was typing the ast alert to you guys.

    Email 1-
    <quote>all i am asking for the watch is $25 and not $ won't be paying the money to me but to the shipping company.please get back to me with your details like full names,address,phone number,etc so i could commence immediately with the shipping process.when i arrange with the shipping company to ship the watch to your location,you will receive an email from them telling you how to pay the money.

    thanks and waiting<quote>

    Second Email-
    <quote>you won't pay the money to will pay it to the shipping company.they will receive the money on my will be given the opportunity to track your item online.

    in response to your PM.

    I have already sent one email staing that I would take it.

    Next step... tell me the address linked to your paypal account and I will tranfer the funds.

    Paypal will then release to you my shipping address, etc.

    Thank you, *******

    Now I'm really thinking he's a bad guy. (he's calling himself John Wayne BTW) Starting to feel like what he really wants is peoples personal info for purposes of identity theft... and charging the victim $25 for the priviledge of being scammed.

    Do this ring the same way for you guys?

    A wire transfer seems fine right because it's a wire. Well scammers are now depositing funds into your bank account that appear to be a wire. But they aren't a wire, they are deposits. They will show up in your account, sometimes for weeks. That is, until the bank finds out the funds are no good. By that time, you have sent the watch on it's way and the bank has taken the money back from you. So if you receive a wire, make absolutely sure it is a wire transfer and that the funds are clear and good before sending the watch out.

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    Re: New Scam ALERT

    I just want to say thanks to the mods who spend their time making this a safer place to trade and practice our hobby. I think the occasional 'hand slap' I recieve for overstepping a rule or pushing limits as a small price to pay for what they give us in return.

    I personally visit many other watch forum sites, and find them all enjoyable and informative. However, wen it comes to trading, none help me to feel safer through sound advice, constant policing for fraudulant posts, and the "watch deals" forum where we can search out references based on the experiences of others.

    Watchuseek stands heads taller than the other sites for this reason. Thank you mods for helping to make it so. That is why Watchuseek is my "home" forum site.

    And to my fellow WIS some advice... don't just judge a post foul and say, "H*ll no, I'm not falling for that.", then click out and forget about it. Hit the TRAINGLE. Warn others. We have to play our part in keeping this a safer place too.

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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    I Pm'd Broker and he said ok to post. As an ex cop I have seen some cons and am never surprised, if someone wants something badly enough they will try until the get one..even one!

    To help out on the anti-scamming front add this to your list, or make it part of the first step, either way it can help make or break the deal.

    Have the seller set the date and time to your choice, have the seller put the watch at pre-set time onto that days paper or month & year calendar.

    IF this sounds a bit Proof of Life stuff... yep...its not your life its your money and you worked for it, so protect it. If the seller can't come to the party stalls/delays, all bets are off and advise your friendly local Mod and have the advert removed etc etc.
    Hope this helps!!
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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    Quote Originally Posted by shipachev View Post
    If I were an administrator of this forum I would consider creating some "safe deal" mechanism, like for an extra $100 I can send my money to an specially assigned and trusted Forum member, and then, if i receive the watch all right, that member transfers my funds further to the seller, and leaves extra $50 for Forum needs. Guess that can protect buyers as well as sellers who are afraid that the buyer would try to get his money back from paypal after he receives the watch.
    That is just wrought with problems, too many of which I wont even begin to touch because it all comes down to just one: liability

    There's no way a forum will open itself to the liabilities of being involved as a third party in a financial transaction. Assuming all transactions go according as planned, there is still a lot of work to make sure everything goes right. Now add in the time/effort of straightening out transactions that sour. It would be a nightmare, and if I was a mod, i would decline to be a part of such a process, because not only would this forum be open to liabilities, but I personally would be a possible target as well.

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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    As someone who it appears has been scammed recently, I would say the biggest thing to avoid as a buyer is the wire transfer.

    As previously discussed, there really is no easy way of getting you money back.

    Even the most trusted seller can get hit by a bus. How do you hope to get you money back? If they live on their own you are stuck.

    I'm hinging my hopes on the Small Claims court. If I can't get my money back i'm looking at a $4000 hit :(

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