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Thread: How to help AVOID being scammed

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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    Quote Originally Posted by wuhan_clan View Post
    This is pretty smart. I wish I had thought of that when I bought a watch here.
    Both parties get protected and both parties increase feedback score when transaction completes.
    Sounds win win to me.
    And you both are assuming that everyone sells or knows how to sell on e-Bay, has a seller's account or is willing to sign up for a seller's account, and is willing to go through that just to sell you a watch?

    And when this seller tells you to go away, and sells the watch to the next guy on the list, would you feel that he was unreasonable or would you accept that you were being unreasonable?

    As a long time seller on a number of forums, I would never respond to an e-mail from you ever again, but I would add you to the list I have of people who I won't do business with. If you came across as that paranoid and suspicious, I wouldn't ever want to deal with you.

    Remember, sellers also have the right to make a sale quickly and with the least amount of bull-bleep. If the watch is at all desirable, you won't be the only guy interested. The seller is not required to sell you the watch if you are requiring all sorts of nonsense to assuage your fears.

    Once more, I'l say it again, the point of building a community is to develop a degree of trust and responsibility. Find out the seller or buyer's forum name. Check his sales and posts. If they are short on sales, check their contributions to the various forums. Determine how they are regarded and whether they have been around for a while. By all means, ask for references, particularly from other forum members whom you have respect for.

    If you are new to the forum, perhaps you shouldn't be buying from the sales forum yet. If the seller seems new to the forum, don't buy unless they have posts and sales on some other forum, i.e. MWR, EOT, TZ, etc.

    If you can't take the time to fit in and become part of the community and find the watch from another member of the community, then maybe you are better off buying from an AD and paying the price to allay your fear rather than annoying people with elaborate routines that nobody is going to go through if they have anyone else interested in the watch.

    I'd rather knock a few bucks off the price than go through some of the Rube Goldberg-esque "stuff" promoted here.
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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    Every case will be different. There are legit sellers out there with little/no references and little/no contributions to the forums. I would still buy from these sellers if they show a little good faith and put their item on eBay for me to grab. The fact is that the buyer is put at a much greater risk than the seller. As a seller who has already built up a reputation, you might find something unreasonable. However, you have to look at it from the new buyer's point of view too. It doesn't matter how many posts or contributions someone has in this community; that doesn't make them trustworthy.

    No matter how good the community is, it still exists only on the internet, the ultimate medium for deceit.

    Please understand that there will sometimes be instances, whether because of seller seniority or watch value, where being a little over cautious can help a deal go through. And every deal that goes through garners more trust from both sides. I think the eBay suggestion is a good way to build up the reps of new sellers.

    Again, keep in mind, this thread is for suggestions. There is no algorithm with definite right answers. There are also no wrong answers.

    And if someone did ask you to put your watch on eBay for them or do whatever else that you think is unreasonable, just explain to them you are not prepared to do those things and point them to your long list of references. Sure, you can not respond and wait for someone else to come along but you just potentially alienated someone from ever joining your community. If you want to build a community, you can't simply shut people out just for trying to be careful with their money.

    (Also just some FYI. At any given time, the Sales forum has over 3x as much viewers and at least 10x as much post activity in terms of thread creation as any other sub forum. This means that a major function of this site is for selling/trading watches, whether that was intended or not. Again, this means that there may be legit sellers using this site for simply that, and not really contributing to the "community".)
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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    Quote Originally Posted by kvg View Post
    How is someone like me to persuade a seller that I'm an honest fellow?
    This problem is pretty much the exact situation that I find myself in as well, as I am also very new to this forum in particular, and the world of watch collecting in general. In fact, this is my first ever post!

    I stumbled upon this forum while looking for reviews/opinions about watches, and with the knowledge I have gained from WUS I think I'm ready to make my first purchase.

    I suppose I'm going to take the approach previously recommended on this thread and just try to be forthcoming with any info requested and reassuring about the fact that I'm a legit buyer. I just really hope that my low post count doesn't scare off potential sellers!

    On another note, thanks to everyone who has posted on this thread and the other anti-scammer threads here on WUS. The information has been invaluable, and hopefully I'll be able to post in a few weeks telling you all how I used the techniques described here to safely and successfully purchase my first watch!
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    Re: How to help AVOID being scammed

    Hi. Several of you have mentioned holding off on shipping a watch until the funds from a cashiers check or money order have cleared. There appears to be an understanding that "cleared" means the funds have been received in good order and are now guaranteed.

    That assumption is false. At least insofar as US banks are concerned. I cannot speak for the financial institutions of countries other than my own, but I think it wise to assume they function in a similar manner unless and until you have information to the contrary.

    In 1987 the US government passed Regulation CC which specifies funds availability standards for banks. Essentially this means that the bank must make the money from your deposits available to you within a certain length of time based on the type of item deposited, and that this policy must be published by the bank.

    When a bank tells you that your deposit has "cleared," what they mean is that the funds are now available pursuant to the published policy. It DOES NOT mean that they have received funds for the item from the other financial institution. The bank is merely following federal law by making the funds available in the specified time.

    Unfortunately, many fraudulent items are so well done that it is nearly impossible even for a trained bank employee to detect them. Sometimes the bank finds out only when the item is returned to them as uncollectable. I have seen this take up to 4 weeks. Even in our modern era of electronic banking, we are still talking about a physical printed item that must sometimes wind its way through the system before it can be identified.

    When an item that has previously "cleared" suddenly comes back as fraudulent, the bank will remove the funds from your account, or require you to otherwise return the funds to them. This is quite legal and you have no recourse against the bank.

    If you accept ANY type of check or money order in payment for a watch sale, please exercise the utmost caution. Do not assume that the item "clearing" means you are safe.

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    Scammer warning! Use caution in identifying who you are dealing with;

    It has come to our attention that on various Sales Corners around the 'net, WTB ads have been responded to by persons claiming to be specific Watchuseek Members, where the potential Seller attempts to take advantage of positive feedback placed on Watchuseek as reference, to reassure the potential Buyer. Unfortunately, in some cases, the individual proposing the sale is not who they claim to be.

    Always take measures in your due diligence to verify that the person you are dealing with is who they claim to be. If they use a Watchuseek account as a reference, contact them through that account via PM. This is not in an of itself a guaranty, but it does go a long way towards verification of an individuals ID (in the cases I am speaking of, this alone either did or would have proven the potential Seller to be a fraud).

    Please be careful, do your part to be secure in your dealings, and enjoy your time on the Forums. Happy hunting, and thanks for keeping the Sales Corners a great place to Buy, Sell and Trade!
    Regards, T Bone.

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    Please follow the link and avoid to be scammed:

    Best regards,

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    Exclamation Scammer: Travelintime

    Please do not deal with this now banned member.
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    Received a response to my WTB from email address, this is very similar to reputable WIS, same name different server.
    The Scammer is also using the reputable WIS's name, and sent a link to Reputable sellers ref page on another forum. He claims to be in the UK, and stoles images and ad syntax from a FS ad here on WUS from November.

    Y'all Be Careful!!!
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