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    Video links about vintage watches & watchmaking

    Thanks to members emmanuelgoldstein, gatorcpa (and me ). If you want to add a link - vintage stuff or instructional videos, not modern promotional films - do it as a reply to this post. I'll then include it in here (with acknowledgement) and delete your post so that the information is kept in one post instead of developing into a thread.

    Elgin - The House of Wonders (1931)

    Hamilton's 'How a watch works' 1949:

    Wristwatch Cinema: Hamilton’s “How a Watch Works,” 1949 – I Already Have a Watch.

    also available here (also in English BTW)

    YouTube - Cómo Funciona un Reloj Mecánico

    Hamilton's 'What makes a fine watch fine' 1947.

    Wristwatch Cinema: Hamilton’s “What Makes a Fine Watch Fine”, 1947 – I Already Have a Watch.

    Member radger's video showing an English spring detent escapement about 1860 and an unsigned, possibly Swiss pivoted detent escapement.

    YouTube - chronometers.wmv

    Australian Watchmaker at work - 1953 newsreel:

    WATCHES (aka WATCHMAKER) - British Pathe

    Short animated film about a watchmaker (funny, yet sad) :

    Watchmaker - Video

    Tissot Astrolon running:

    YouTube - Tissot Autolub in motion

    Hand making a PW watch case:

    YouTube - V&A Jewellery Gallery - Making a Watchcase

    Oiling the anti-shock system:

    Under the Loupe/Oiling the Anti-Shock System - Alliance Horlogère

    Stems and crowns somewhat blurred instructional video

    Watch Repair course Stem and Crowns

    Changing a mainspring

    YouTube - Mechanical Watch Mainspring

    Roamer alarm watch demonstration

    YouTube - Armbandwecker Roamer MST 417 Wristalarm Watch

    Vulcain Cricket Alarm watch demonstration

    YouTube - vulcain cricket

    Sekonda ad featuring Ronnie Barker (1980s???):

    YouTube - Sekonda russian watch advert

    Accurist ads featuring John Cleese - 1978:

    YouTube - John Cleese Accurist "Accu-Wrist, Accu-Ankle"

    Bulova Accutron ad 1960's

    YouTube - Vintage 1960s Bulova Accutron Watch Commercial

    Timex ad 1950's (?) (lots more suggested on Youtube once you've got this):

    YouTube - Vintage Timex Commercial

    Making watch hands - in French.

    YouTube - Horlogerie - Le Fabricant d'Aiguilles

    Soviet newsreel about the Petrodvorets watch factory (Raketa) 1961

    YouTube - Soviet newsreel about watch production

    A German casemaker who has made number of videos about casemaking. This is part one - Youtube then shows further episodes. Thanks Erik H.

    YouTube - Watchmaking, Casemaking Part 1, Gehäusemachen 1. Teil

    First (?) electronic watch - LIP, France. No sound and the first few seconds - about nuclear power - are an editing error (I presume).

    ELECTRONIC WATCH - British Pathe

    International watch & jewellery fair, London 1958:

    NOVELTY WATCHES - British Pathe

    Watch collector, London 1944:

    Amazing watch inside a coin, plus another neat purse watch. No sound.

    Some amazing early watches:

    Some more clocks and watches- 1934

    Lanco Fon:

    Automatic movements:

    Letting down mainspring:
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