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Timex Helix battery removal

Thread: Timex Helix battery removal

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  1. fuz74's Avatar

    fuz74 said:

    Timex Helix battery removal

    Hi. I just wanted to share a link that I found for anybody who owns a Timex Helix watch. The battery removal on this particular watch can be a little tricky and the folks at this site explain it very well.

    I apologize ahead of time if I broke any rules by posting this.

    This is a tremendous forum and has utlimately led me to purchase a few ABC watches. (Suunto Vector, Casio PRG-40, Timex Helix Wrks, and an Adamac Navigator II; only a compass watch but cool all the same.)

    Again great Fora, and I hope that y'all find it helpful.

    "If you haven't got to where you are going, you probably aren't there yet", George Carlin
  2. kmpdx said:

    Re: Timex Helix battery removal

    I just finally replaced the battery in my Timex Helix WRKS as well after following the link posted above by fuz74. Here is another link that you may find useful if you now have the back of your watch off and are looking at the latch over the battery and scratching your head.
    Timex Watch Battery Latch removal and replacement Ironman, Expedition, etc. - YouTube
    Even though the watch is a different watch, the battery latch is very similar to the one in the Helix. Pay attention to what it looks like after he removes it. That is what was stumping me. You have to notice that the metal "legs" on either side of the white plastic hubs go down and around it. The round notches in the white plastic hubs are so you can use the pin to get leverage on the metal running under the hub and push it over the end to remove the latch and get at the battery. BTW, thanks fuz74!
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