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    Citizen PMT56-2711

    I recently acquired a coveted PMT56-2711. I had searched for this watch for quite sometime and I was always looking for better pictures to confirm whether or not I truly wanted this watch as badly as I did! I am going to post images of the watch, particularly of the dial and the detailing in the dial markers. If I am critical in places it is to allow someone else the freedom of giving up their search should some of the features or characteristics lessen their love or drive for this watch. That (should it happen) would be my gift to you. :)

    First, I will tell you that I sincerely hope this watch lasts for many many years, because I do love this watch. I bought it used and I presume it is about 7 years old now. My first observation of it was that it was a tad smaller than I thought it would be. I am used to wearing a Citizen Nighthawk and the Nighthawk is IMO the perfect size for me. Other than that I LOVE THIS WATCH. I'll repeat that.

    It is titanium duratect coated. It is very light and easy to read. I can tell the time very quickly. It seems as though with some analogs, one must almost do a double take to make sure they are on the correct hour marker. (maybe I am slow)

    I had always heard about the wonderful feature of being able to adjust the hour hand independently with the watch's E766 movement. Yes indeed that is the case but it does require one to use a thumb tack or needle to push in the recessed button on the side of the watch. I guess I was thinking it would be a task that only required pulling the dial out. I always thought(for some unknown reason) that the recessed button was for the perpetual calendar. I do not travel much and will probably only need to do this twice a year with DST.

    With that said, the perpetual calendar is very easy to set. I have become spoiled by perpetual calendars now! Given that the PMT is looking as though it will be +/- 30 seconds a year accurate, I truly don't have to worry about setting this watch but probably twice a year. Again. I love it.

    I do wish that the Japan Domestic Market watches would synch in the US but I am not so fickle or OCD that I must be on atomic every day. Hence, I love the fact that I do not have any useless JDM radio controlled features on this watch(like my Nighthawk). It may be phsychological but it feels like one is carrying around extra weight that is useless in the watch(being the JDM radio synch eco drives). I know the weight is of little consequence but it just irritates me to see "radio controlled" on the dial when in fact it is not.

    The bracelet is titanium and also treated with duratect. This watch does not have a single scratch on it and for as old as it is, I am willing to bet that the hardening process is to be credited for that.

    The sapphire crystal is domed. I have mixed emotions about this. It seems to distort the dial when looking at it from an angle. I put it next to my Nighthawk and I actually favor a flat crystal instead.

    This watch also has a power save feature in which the second hand will return to the zero position and stay when the watch does not have a light source for 60 seconds. The hour and minute hand continue to cycle during this time.

    I do not know how to add images within the text so I will just give you a brief synopsis of some of the images here. I took a side and front picture of the PMT before moving to the close ups of the dial. The blue dial has a honeycomb effect and you will be easily able to tell how it obtains that look. Using a macro lens, you will see smaller circles that form a hexagon. The second hand is red tipped and the back end of it has an open circle. I loved this look and how you can see through it as it rotates around. I will begin posting and I hope you enjoy the images.

    I cannot arrange the images in the correct order but will edit them if I can figure it out.
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    Re: Citizen PMT56-2711

    Hi thanks for the picks !
    I hade one but gave it away, now wishing I hadent can you tell me the numbers on the back !
    and if you know how I can find one ?
    Thanks Nigel

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    Re: Citizen PMT56-2711

    Great watch, I recently found a mint PMU56 after a relatively short search. I think I was very lucky to have found it, it's being dispatched from the UK tomorrow. Only problem is, I want another one, or at least a PMT or PMD56. A great go-to piece I think.

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