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Thread: Citizen Titanium Golf Review

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    Citizen Titanium Golf Review

    Sooo this watch is a little weird for lots of reasons, but I think that this could very well be an ideal everyday wear/ sports watch. Here are my reasons why after a weeks worth of wear.

    #1 the crown is obviously on the left side of the watch my biggest complaint with non-digital watches has always been that the crown pokes my wrist! I have very small wrists, and big hands/arms so I have always been stabbed by other watches. When I saw this setup I figured I had to give it a try. It works

    #2 From the images online It looks like the case is all brushed. However in real life it has alternating angles of brushed titanium and high polished titanium which gives it a classy yet not gawdy look. This image shows that about as good as I can with my photo skills. Also it perfectly matches with the NATO strap I put on it with polished hardware, but it would look just as good if your strap was brushed. You might also notice the golf ball dimpling on the face, I could live without that (I'm not a big golfer) but it does break up the face of the watch and add another level of depth. Great small detail work! the face is gorgeous as well with recessed dial indicators and hands accented with with high polish metal and lume to help you see the time in any light.
    Attachment 985170
    #3 the Lume is a cool blue color, and It is by no means a dive watch, but I was able to read the watch clearly last night at 4am and thats after about 9 hours of darkness. Here's a shot of it after walking outside to take out the trash this morning and then walking inside (iphone pic) Sometimes when sitting in traffic with my arm dangling out the window, I've glanced at my watch while in the shadow of a building or under a bridge, and the lume glows very brightly after sitting in the sun giving an awesome luminescent blue on black look!
    Attachment 985168

    #4 Titanium!!! This thing is light... with the NATO strap it's lighter than smaller plastic cased watches that I own (luminox) I also have a titanium wedding ring, so I know that this thing is going to lose some luster in the future, and I'm ok with it, the wearability and lightweight is well worth the added character that this watch will show in the future. Not to mention titanium is incredibly strong even though it shows surface blemishes easily.

    I always run with nylon straps, I liked the design of the rubber strap that came with this watch, but it had to go, I never even cut it to fit me. If anyone wants it PM me an offer! the "Real" Bond Nato I threw on this one seems to really highlight the red on the face between the 12 and 4 position, which is a totally unintended benefit. Even blind squirrels find nuts occasionally =]

    #5 Saphire crystal!!! even though the metal will show some love, the crystal is pretty darn scratch resistant. I've whacked it a few times already and it hasn't shown any marks so far...

    This watch was delivered to me door for $161 if you sent a similar watch to citizen to get a sapphire crystal installed it would cost you $100... SO for only 60 more you can get a great looking, interesting, very comfortable/versatile watch with a titanium case.

    One more wrist shot of this watch that looks as good with jeans as it does with a suit, or at the driving range:
    Attachment 985183

    If you have suggestions of what you would like to see me get better photos of let me know, I can try to stage some better shots with a tripod if there is something specific people want to see on this bad boy!
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    Re: Citizen Titanium Golf Review

    Nice model. What do the red segments between 12 and four signify?

    Your photos are pretty good BTW

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    Re: Citizen Titanium Golf Review

    as for the red segments... I have no idea, I didn't even really notice them until I received the watch? I should look into that.

    thanks for the kind words on the photos, I gotta credit the folks in China who make iphones for that!

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    Re: Citizen Titanium Golf Review

    The red segments go down to the FORE! marker. hehehehehe.
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    Re: Citizen Titanium Golf Review

    Great review. Would you check the image links? I'd love to look at your pictures but the links appear broken. Or would you email me. Plus details on the band. Cheers!
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