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FERAP005W Orient Masquerade

Thread: FERAP005W Orient Masquerade

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  1. MarkKim said:

    FERAP005W Orient Masquerade

    I've decided to write my first review on WUS (i hope i do a good job). This watch is part of the FERAP series found here on FERAP001B | Orient Automatic Watches & Reviews | Orient Watch USA

    So I'm reviewing an Orient FERAP005W aka Masquerade. Orient have a few of these types of watches, where they have decided to go with wheels instead of hands to indicate time. We normally see wheels for the day/date functionality - well for most analog watches - but this takes analog to a whole different level. This is why this watch is interesting, it's the way it tells time. The other parts of this watch, ie case, band, etc, will be in brief.

    Notice by the 9pm index, there a box, which is where time is read. In fact, there's a red line that indicates where you should read the time. Take a look at the pictures, as it will clarify what my words can't explain.

    One very smart design element is the shaded (or tinted) portion of the crystal. I noticed that it draws your eyes to the box. It may seem a difficult to read, but personally speaking, and it only took me a few hours to get used to it. FYI, I wasn't constantly staring at it, but every 20 mins or so, I would read the time.

    Orient Caliber 46S50 is the movement. When it comes to accuracy, I have found all of my personal Orient's to be a little fast (+ 4 secs a day). I suppose -in almost all cases- it's better to be early than late. Movement functionality includes time & date.

    The case is 34mm (w/o crown) x 47mm (in-house measurement). Case is curved so the Mineral crystal is curved also. It uses a simple snap case-back and is on a black leather strap with Black stitching. The overall casing is very elegant, a fits the overall look.

    Here are the pictures:
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    Any questions? Please comment.
  2. washwash said:
    I ordered one of these, in fact the hard part was choosing which of the different color variations to go with! It looks great, I'll post my impressions when I get it.
  3. rfortson's Avatar

    rfortson said:

    Re: FERAP005W Orient Masquerade

    I just got this same watch last week, my first Orient. It's a fun piece and (to me) well worth the price. Of course I did get a good deal from Long Island Watch.

    I will say that you can't really glance at this watch to tell the time. Not really a problem since I like staring at the watch anyway. :)
  4. rfortson's Avatar

    rfortson said:

    Re: FERAP005W Orient Masquerade

    My wife liked this watch so much, I just ordered her the blue face/brown strap version (her color choice). Fun watch, and well made for the money.

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