The new Armand Nicolet Limited Edition now faces a new challenge and joins the world of chronographs. After the fi rst series that displayed small seconds functions, L07 is striking it’s fi rst hours in a new chrono version. Limited to 140 pieces, the new Armand Nicolet L07 comes in an astonishing range of colour combinations of dials and straps, 20 pieces use the famous movements VENUS 175 with column wheel and 120 pieces use the VENUS 188 with “navettes” system.

This collection goes farther beyond the Armand Nicolet tradition characterized by very fi nely decorated movements revealed through the transparency of case backs in sapphire crystal and openings on the dial.
The plate and the bridges deserve particular attention: they are entirely decorated with a new motif that the Maison has called “Côte de Nicolet”.

After their surface is perfectly polished, the plate and the bridges are hand decorated by means of a special tool that has an ivory point. This tool scrapes the surface creating beautiful lines every 2 mm. The pattern recaptures a decoration used in the 1930s only on high-end movements of that time and all the work on the movement is meant to recuperate the original handcraftsmanship belonging to the Maison.

All the “aciers” are “anglês”and “adoucis” while the screws’ heads are “polies-bloquées” (they are so fl at that when you look at them from a front view, they appear to be black, due to the perfect refl ection of the light). The balance wheel uses the counter-weight system, it is in Glucydur with 16 balance screws. The vibrations are 18’000 per hour and the power reserve is 32 hours. As the previous Limited Editions, the movement is engraved with the limited number on the frame opening on the dial.

The watch is presented in a special wood case with its Certifi cate of Authenticity. The value of the L07 is destined to increase during the years. This series is dedicated to collectors who focus not only on the excellence of the mechanical execution, but also in the investment ahead in time.

The 140 movements of the L07 are assembled and shared in 7 diverse versions with 20 pieces from the Venus 175 and 120 pieces from the Venus 188.