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    Re: MKII Accuracy Survey

    Only about three years old -- Almost seems 'too soon' to need a service, but your suspicion that it has slowed noticeably recently, kind of points the other way....

    I think then, I would wear it and get it fully wound, and since it sounds like you have the original calibration card that came with the watch when you purchased it, 'time it' in all (four or six) positions and see how that compares to the card.

    These are little machines, and they do require a cleaning and fresh lubrication at intervals - The intervals may vary in duration according to 'duty cycle' and age and amount in use.

    As a watch ages, it seems reasonable that it usually exhibits a slowing, or loss of time, until it reaches a point when it suddenly exhibits a greater change (usually a loss as they wear). That is when mine go in for service (unless I dropped it or banged it or something got broken, cracked or damaged) - once I notice that change.

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    Since my first post in this thread I did a more careful check on my Nassau and Hawkinge. Hawkinge is at worst, +-3 seconds per day. Maybe the Nassau just wasn't fully wound...I wore it for a few days then timed it laying flat over 24 hrs and it came back at 3 seconds slow over 24 hrs. On the wrist i got 7 seconds slow. Still not as good as a lot of measurements here, but way better than the 15-20 I thought it was!

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    Re: MKII Accuracy Survey

    I've been using WatchCheck on Android for a few weeks, very handy app. The results are a little erratic, either due to inaccuracy in hitting the button precisely at :00, or that the watches' speed varies a little due to amount of wind. Though my rates are all over, here are some of the averages of multiple timing periods:

    Kingston: -3.3 s/d, -0.5 s/d, -2.2 s/d, -2.9 s/d
    Nassau: -1.7 s/d, -5.8 s/d, -2.3 s/d, -5.3 s/d, -6.8 s/d, -5.3 s/d
    Kingston (safe queen): -4.5 s/d, +1.6 s/d, -8.4 s/d
    Key West: -1.4 s/d, -2.3 s/d, -3.8 s/d, -2.3 s/d, +3.0 s/d
    Graywater: -10.4 s/d, -3.6 s/d, -1.6 s/d, -7.3 s/d, -0.3 s/d, -1.2 s/d

    These are averages. In comes cases the watch gains time in certain positions, e.g. dial up or dial down.

    These measurements were with varying power reserves, some periods combined wrist wear with winder, some alternated winder, dial up, dial down with shake/swirl winding every 6-12 hours.

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    Re: MKII Accuracy Survey

    Like many of you the results of all my Autos vary + & - depending on hour's of the day worn, position, amount of power reserve etc, Anything within about +4 to +5 a day is good enough for me, as I am in the habit of switching to a different watch every couple of days.

    The most accurate MKII I had so far was an LRRP Milsub which was in the +2 sec range, the Hawkinge runs slow if I wear it 24 hours a day (about -4 sec) but if I sit it on the night stand crown up overnight it seems to run at +2 or 3 every 24 hours..

    I just go with using my iphone with strong Wi-Fi connection - or the online Atomic clock, there may be some lag there but I don't think it's discernible, considering my wearing habits.


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    Re: MKII Accuracy Survey and my new Paradive

    I own several pieces and have years' worth of experience with this. All run well and keep time with my more expensive pieces.

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