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    Re: Doxa Black Lung on eBay

    Quote Originally Posted by orangeface View Post
    That's a nice example of a rare Doxa. Anyone recognize the logo on the bracelet clasp?

    There's a two-hole SUB 200 T-Graph Sharkhunter available for $17,850:

    What do you think, lab-guy? Worth it? Anywhere near the ask?
    Yeah that is a bit crazy-I cannot see how that will sell for anywhere near that much.

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    Re: Doxa Black Lung on eBay

    I have to say that this add went under my radar screen. Normally, I am actively searching for any 300´s that potentially come out for sale and of course even more if it is a Black Lung or a Poseidon, the rarer of the 300s models.

    Having followed the market over many years, my take is that someone got a really good deal on this one. Regular 300 no T, have been going in excess of 3.5k and latest I saw went for 4k. Taking into account that the Black Lung units can be counted probably in less than 15 worldwide, 7.5k seems like a reasonable value. Obviously, Doxas have a more specific audience than other vintage model but even at this, was a good buy for the buyer. Just by opinion of course.

    And with respect to the re-edition, which looks very good by the way, I think it will only create more desire for the vintage piece, therefore increasing its market value, if one can find a piece, of course. I have seen only two for sale in the past 4 years.


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