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    Re: Doxa Sharkhunter 11804

    Quote Originally Posted by dinexus View Post
    Unreal. I'd love to know more about this as well – sounds like it pre-dates the Erschle-developed orange dials then?
    Agree. Would love to hear from anyone that knows more.

    Maybe Doxa can chime in with some history!

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    Re: Doxa Sharkhunter 11804

    I absolutely love this watch. The dial, the hands, the bezel - they all work for me. The only thing detracting a bit is the crown - I would have liked it a bit longer.

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    Re: Doxa Sharkhunter 11804

    Quote Originally Posted by sfglenrock View Post
    Most of the skindiver watches I've seen are in the 36/38mm range. This is in the 42/43mm range, similar to the SM300.

    I agree with using this as a reissue project for Doxa. They could provide another option to their current lineup, since it has such a beautiful classic dive watch case and clearly a Doxa.
    The Longines compressor was 42mm if I recall correctly, this case looks like a Speedmaster's one without pushers

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    Re: Doxa Sharkhunter 11804

    Looks to be the same Sharkhunter (pre-Sub) as here...

    Pre-300 Diver

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    Re: Doxa Sharkhunter 11804

    Is that a bakelite bezel? If re-issued that could be an excuse for a sapphire bezel to keep the retro look. Haven't seen pics of one of these for a good while now. Definitely a looker.
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