Hi folks,

I have been loosely eager for a pocket watch for the last few years. Did not wish to grab one from ebay or a watch seller, instead wanted one to find me in some far flung realm, and today, at Prague U Elektry market, which seems like a massive car boot sale on the edge of civilization, I found this Doxa and snapped it up. I did ask the seller to open it up to see the innards, which looked pristine, but was too excited to see how he opened up that section. Can anyone advise me on that please?

I have snapped the back cover, and front face.

Other than which the circular section which hinges off to reveal the image on the back of the watch I have shared below also has on the inside a small insignia of 'metal argenta depose' surround the word doxa. also a serial number of 2158804 with a 62 below.

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I read elsewhere on here that they only started making 7 digit serials post 1940, and so whilst the serial is 7 digits, the 21 is not a year reference? as this only begin in 40?

Also found that the
'medaiille d'or milan 1906

hors concours liege -1905
membre du jury paris 1925
ancre de precision
15 rubis

were made up until ww2?

So! Any help with opening up the section which shows the innards or movement...would be great and much appreciated as well as any information of the pocket watch itself...unless the information is that I have purchased a dud!

Keeping time beautifully so far.