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    21 7.98%
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    61 23.19%
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    40 15.21%
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    118 44.87%
  • Diving Instructor

    9 3.42%
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Thread: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Retired PADI Master Instructor. Certified in 1974 with NAUI and NASDS. Got my first Doxa (used) in 1978. Started using bottom timers with they became available, then dive computers. Seems that I'd tend to get so involved with the dive that I'd often forget to note actual bottom time after surfacing. Always round up!

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Well.....I guess I can call myself a "Doxa Guy" although mine is still in the mail....I dive both for recréation and I am also a public safety diver on a dive team...

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I do, though not regularly any more. YMCA open water and PADI advanced open water. Poll is long since closed so it won't reflect this.
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    How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I'm from Singapore and I dive recreationally. Last dive I did is during Feb2014 in Krabi. I am looking to do Padi dive master certification in Thailand, after I complete my part-time studies.

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Yup!!! 110-150 dives per year, almost 1600 total. highest certs: Trimix, Cave, and Dive Master on my Charters here in Rhode Island! Love wrecks and Doxas…..I have 28 Doxas….in fact some of the rarest in the world.Name:  aquacat2010e.jpg
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I dove. Taught for Naui and Padi. Taught Instructors. Dove aqain.

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I'm not a Doxa owner (yet anyways), but I will admit that dive watches were a motivator for me getting certified recently (SSI.) Guess I thought it would be nice to wear a dive watch "legit". I'm still new with only a few open water dives under my weight belt, and haven't actually worn a diver whilst diving yet (took a dive computer.) I assume you guys take both a computer and a diver as a backup?
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Going spearfishing in he morning and my trusty 800Ti will be coming along! But yes I still use a computer for my dive info.

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?


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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I dive regularly BUT don't own a Doxa yet. I'm searching around for the right one at the moment, but I'm a dive watch guy! I think actually diving just got me more into my dive watch collection. The prospect of putting them to the test added another element of excitement to the dive, "Which one should I wear for this dive?"

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