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Thread: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    If taking a shower counts......

    Well I was certified many years ago and have since had my certification expire. I have dived mostly locally here in CA near in and around Catalina.

    I am a lover of the water and nature in general. I love hiking, mountain biking, Sailing, and Power Boating. Feel that my Doxa will perform in any climate or environment!

    I am also a cerifiable mechanical watch nut with a lilited budget and unlimited thirst for watches!! I have admired Doxa a long time ago. I do not know where I first saw the watch, whether is was from a website or forum like this. I did meet a friend who had one and had admired his. I think when I finally found the Doxa website and saw the detailed pics and the limited edition I just had to have one!!

    I really like my SeaRambler and I think the title is fitting as I ramble on and like the sea!!


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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I got certified about a month before I received my Doxa in October of 2005. So far I've only been certified for open water and advanced open water, but I've taken the Doxa down on every dive since then and it performed perfectly each time. It actually came in handy the first time I dove with it--the dive computer shorted out when I was at 110 feet, but a quick glance at my bezel told me how much time I had for the non-deco dive. Still did a safety stop though!
    Robzilla--you mentioned diving in Catalina, which is where I do most of my diving, which leads me to the following question: are there any other Southern California Doxaholics? Maybe we can arrange getting together for a pint, shot, or brew--name your poison.

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I was originally certified back when I was in high school. Thereafter, I went on several dives with friends mostly local or when on vacation. My last dive was when I was back in the Army '96. I haven't been able to enjoy many hobbies since then. I'd love to get back into it though.
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    Alpina Extreme Diver (44mm)
    Few others...

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    A little, but not as often as I'd like



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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Hello Doxaians,

    Love diving!! I have been diving since 95" and wish I had time to do more. I am Advanced Open Water with Stess and Rescue, Dry Suit, Limited Vis, Wreck, Underwater Navigation and am also TDI Nitrox Certified.

    DOXA keep up the good work!! Everyone, keep posting pics!


    Doxa 750T Caribbean #84

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Hi all,
    Currently working towards my PADI Divemaster rating, it's taking me a few months but will hopefully complete by the end of Aug. I'm afraid my DOXA's don't always accompany me because I am terrified of losing/damaging them and not being able to get them repaired as they are limited editions. If I was in the tropics I would probably take them along but most of my diving is in the UK & Canada. Does anyone else have these concerns?.
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Been a diver since 1983, PADI and SSI (instructor) left it for about 10 years, but recently got back into it. Don't dive with my Doxas, afraid the vintage would not withstand the pressure at depth. my regular Dive watches are a Chronosport UDT (Shallow water only > 30 ft.) and a Seiko "Tuna Can" 300m.

    Diving is a a wonderful sport, anyone can do it, and you can't beat the Caribbean for access, reefs, and underwater life.

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I'm actually impressed with the number of divers in the Forum.

    What are people's favorite dive places/locations?

    I have to say the Great Barrier Reef.

    Place I'd most like to dive, but haven't - Galapagos.

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    BSAC / CMAS / TDI. Qualified diver since early 80's.

    I'm either very busy at my computer designing or I'm off on dive trips taking underwater photos. You could say the undersea world is my second home. :-D

    My obsession with DOXA started when....
    .....I was a young lad I used to watch the films made by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his underwater adventures. Jacques always had this cool looking black faced dive watch strapped to his wrist, and at the time I said to myself "I want a real dive watch like Jacques Cousteau wears". It became a quest to find out what is was and get one. The watch in question was the legendary DOXA SUB 300T Sharkhunter, but by the time I found out and was old enough to afford one they were no longer around.

    Years went by, and as far as I knew DOXA no longer existed, so I bought a Rolex SUB instead. A couple of years ago I came across DOXA again, and they were making a limited edition re-issue, the SUB600T (unfortunately I'd missed the SUB300T original re-issue, but I have just found one so I will have one very soon , maybe tomorrow it will arrive), wow I thought, my quest is at an end, so I sold my Rolex and bought one some 30 odd years later after first seeing one on Jacques Cousteau wrist.

    Here are some underwater pictures from my latest trips.....

    Favourite dive places are the Bahamas (for the sharks :gold) and the Maldives (as its extreme diving :silver)

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Wow! Awesome pics Greg! What kind of camera are you using? I just use my digital elph with a 30meter rated does the job for now but I don't get the color and clarity that you do!

    I do like the Bahamas for Sharks as well.

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