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Thread: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Add one more! PADI Advanced Open Water cert. Just spent ten days in the Bahamas on vacation diving last month. Many of Greg's great photos above have quite familiar subjects. Also put my new 750T Military Edition to use. Great working watch!
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Very interesting post and even more interesting photos.

    Well, PADI certified since 2002 (still an infant comparing to many guys here). Can't wait for my next dive vacation in March in Thailand.

    My Doxa will come along with me this time for sure. Can't wait already.
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I have always loved dive watches! After I got certified in 04, I came across Doxa on the web and then discovered the Cusslers novels. Now at 48, watches with history interest me. To be able to use a watch Cousteau and his team used is just to cool. Doxa's are definitely at the top of my want list, Especially the Sharkhunter.

    P.S. most of my diving is here in SoCal around the Channel Islands.

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Been diving for 20 years. Certified Naui. Don't get to dive recently much because of too many other things going on like kids and work. I may live in the"Land of 10,000 Lakes" but wouldn't dive in most of them. I like it warm. My wife won a once in a lifetime trip for finishing 3 out of 155 sales reps last year and her company sent us to Fiji. She always wanted to dive so I had her get Padi certified before we went and we dove 6 times in 9 days. That was fun. Dove on a wreck (she didn't, too deep), wall dive, etc. Didn't have my Doxa so I had to use my trusty Roli Sub. Here are a few pics.
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I figured since I bought a watch, I would buy all new dive gear! Diving since before I was 12, got my PADI Certification at 12,

    Went to the CDC when I was in the Army...

    Rescue Diver for the Harnett County Underwater Search and Recovery Team in Grad School...
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I was certified in 2000 by the Police Dept. as a Law Enforcement Rescue Diver. Have dives in Mexico, Aruba, Bahamas and all over Florida....

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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Me- NAUI master scuba diver, diving since 1979, first lessons in a double hose Nemrod single stage regulator. Certified Commercial Diver. Now working professionally as a Commercial Diver in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Don't own a Doxa, there aren't any Conquistadors yet.


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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    I´ve been diving since 1997, open water diver. Advanced diver in 2003, and commercial and Nitrox diver since 2006 and 2007, as a police dept. search and rescue unit.

    Haven´t dived with my DOXA yet. Maybe I will dive in Silfra with my DOXA and take some pictures.
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Starting diving in may 06. PADI open water. Dive in the local lakes and rock quarries (do not wear my doxa here.....too murky) Have been to Bonaire and Barbados. CQ GMT went with me to Bonaire and was great.......Saving for my next Doxa........
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    Re: How many of you Doxa guys dive ?

    Afirmative......I do.
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