Looking for some help IDing a watch.

Thread: Looking for some help IDing a watch.

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    Looking for some help IDing a watch.

    I was trying to do some research on a pocket watch I have acquired. I believe it to be an IWC, even though the stamp says "JWC". I saw on an IWC forum that "JWC" was used on the older pre-1900 watches, which I believe mine is from my research. However, I did not find any other IWC stampings and the face does not have "IWC Schaffhausen" on it, but rather a name (explained below).

    I do not have any pictures as of yet, but I am intending on taking some soon. Here is what I have found so far using my eyes and internet research:

    Style: Hinge back & bezel case
    Brand: IWC ?
    Outer Case: Silver (a lot of patina); etched design/pattern on back (looks kind of like vines)
    Stamps/Hallmarks (inside of back case):
    12 o'clock - Silver hallmark 0 900 (parts per thousand)
    9 o'clock - JWC stamp in an eye shaped oval (leftmost letter not visible)
    I also think there are 2 more stamps but forgot to write them down.
    Lots of various hand scratched numbers/initials on edges and all over (watch repairer markings perhaps?)
    Stamps/Hallmarks (topside of dust cover):
    Henri Magnin Alexandrie (script writing - top)
    I I I I V (on rim, not sure if actual markings or just some design)
    Stamps/Hallmarks (underside of dust cover):
    12 o'clock - Switzerland hallmark (upright bear used 1882-1934)
    Silver hallmark 0 900 (parts per thousand)
    very tiny Switzerland hallmark (upright bear used 1882-1934)
    3 o'clock - a crown stamp (cannot find anything about this)
    6 o'clock - 187978 (serial number)
    "V" (unsure, possibly signicant to location it was made?)
    9 o'clock - JWC stamp in an eye shaped oval
    Dial Face:
    Henri Magnin Alexandrie (script writing)
    Roman numeral numbers (12 hour)
    Smaller circle with numbers (for seconds Im guessing)
    very tiny Switzerland hallmark on edge/rim (upright bear used 1882-1934)
    160106 (serial number)
    An oval like shape on the edge
    Stem: knob missing
    Dated: between 1895-1899 (according to another website based on the serial numbers)

    As it is probably obvious I am a total amateur when it comes to pocket watches. Basically I am looking for any more information about this watch (does it sound like it might be an IWC watch, am I interpreting the stamps correctly, is there something else I should look for, etc). In particular I am trying to figure out the calibre (I think thats the term) of the watch or how I go about finding that out. I was also wondering if there would be any way to determine an approximate value, if it would be better to keep it as is or restore it or if it is more collectible to keep it as is. Again, I realize until I can get some photos I might not be able to get more answers, but I was hoping anyone could offer some advice. Anything advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Looking for some help IDing a watch.

    Here are some photos:
    Name:  watchface_crop.jpg
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    Name:  dustcover_underside2crop.jpg
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    Name:  movement_blurry2crop.jpg
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    Name:  backcase2_crop.jpg
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