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    First Schauer

    I have been lurking for a few years now but just bought my first Schauer, a Kleine Shauer with a white face. I would never have known about Schauer (or Stowa) without this forum and wanted to thank everyone for the great information over the years. I am an architect and have been looking for a super elegant clean, modern design watch that was not a quartz, "cheap" OR an homage or a "reproduction" of an older "modern" design (e.g, Max Bills, or I would even say the Stowa Anteas) but was itself a new modern classic. The size seems perfect, not too small but also not "fashionably massive". it will stand the test of time.

    Some here may laugh but my first watch when I was teenage was a Skagen, silver with a completely sterile face and mesh band and I have been looking ever since for a watch was as elegant in its minimalism at it was (and Skagen do not make anything close to as nice now, IMHO) but with the craft and quality of "real" watch.

    Over twenty years later I found it thanks to this forum!

    What is even better is that the personal care, craft and "limited" nature of the Schauer. This is real quality & luxury whatever the price. Contrast this, for example, with a 20k IWC I saw in Costco the other week, the cliched ubiquity of a Rolex (which I find clunky in design in any case).

    Anyway, just wanted to say its amazing watch and watch designer & craftsman & company and thanks.

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    Re: First Schauer

    Congrats on your Kleine Schauer.
    Kind regards
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    Re: First Schauer

    Hi mus,

    congrats on a wonderful watch.

    You really seem to be convinced by this timepiece - I'm convinced, at least, two times more than you:


    They are differing by two fonts and three movements - aside of the different colours.

    ....and I love all three of them,

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