Help locating a Stowa.

Thread: Help locating a Stowa.

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    Help locating a Stowa.

    Anybody know where an old style automatic Stowa Antea can be found? Specifically with no little date window at the 6 o'clock position. It has been my experience in watch hunting that I find myself attracted to the older watches (out of produdtion) of many brands. They dont seem to carry complications that I dont like (date windows and such). But now that Im at the age where I want a watch, Im in conflict with the current trends.

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    Re: Help locating a Stowa. and all those sales fora on watch related fora (and of course here
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    Re: Help locating a Stowa.

    If you're persistent, posting WTB notices on the sales fora on WUS and TZ will work. That's how I landed my KS.

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