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    Step forward Einzeiger owners!

    Hi, I'm relatively new to WUS but am getting tremendous value out of being here. The community is superb!

    My main interest is in dive watches but I recently saw a single-hand MeisterSinger watch and became somewhat obsessed with this concept. Upon doing more research, I ran across the Schauer Einzeiger watch collection and now I am extremely interested in buying one (wrote to Schauer yesterday and got their model range specs).

    My question to existing Einzeiger owners is: How well has your watch held up? Has the build and finish lived up to its reputation and expectation? What about time-keeping/accuracy?

    That is a more functional question. Any other comments on the experience would be much appreciated before I make the plunge.

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    Re: Step forward Einzeiger owners!

    I own a Meistersinger 01 and have had no problems with it. Remember, the movements are generally ETA or similar and those are pretty much fool proof. As to accuracy, again, with a good movement what can one say? You need to bear in mind though, that accuracy is not something you a really after with such a watch - I have learned to "guestimate" the time to about 2 minutes and sometimes to 1 minute accuracy.
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