How Install & Adjust a NATO Style Strap...
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Thread: How Install & Adjust a NATO Style Strap...

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    How Install & Adjust a NATO Style Strap...

    The following is a repost of the following thread posted on the Ultimate Rolex Forum by Suhail Bhatia:

    Quote Originally Posted by Suhail









    10. Adjusting the end in the classic style:

    11. Adjusting the end in the new style

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: How Install & Adjust a NATO Style Strap...

    Hey isthmus - I guessed my way to this and it's nice to get confirmation that what I'm doing is correct - thanks for that. BTW after you posted your appreciation of Citizen NY 0040 diver on your top ten of all time I just had to buy one as my current desire is too much for my wallet. Anyway, you were perfectly right about the Citizen. The bezel movement may be a bit loose but it's a great little watch for the money. The accuracy out of the box has been a real surprise and I'm enjoying the slightly thinner profile. The NATO is on the NY and it makes a nice combo.

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    Re: How Install & Adjust a NATO Style Strap...

    Thanks for the post. I just got my first Seiko Military watch and was wondering what kind of tools do I need to take off the original strap?

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    Re: How Install & Adjust a NATO Style Strap...

    you can purchase a springbar tool.

    or go risky like me and use 2 flathead Screwdrivers (although i would assume you only need 1, but 2 flathead screwdrivers worked for me) and they would have to be pretty thin but not like a blade..

    If you really dont want to scratch your watchcase then i would rather send it to a watch-repairman. He or she would probably do it for free in such a simple task.
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    Re: How Install & Adjust a NATO Style Strap...

    I have a few Nato straps and like the way they feel but the buckles all end up on the side of my wrist instead of under the wrist as a normal 2 piece strap would.
    It seems that you cannot "adjust" where the watch sits in relation to the buckle.
    The pictures above show the buckle directly opposite of the watch.
    Anybody know what brand strap that is?

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