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    Suunto Old Softwares

    I see that in this forum there are some Suunto colectors and even users of some old watches that used to have offline software.
    I am still a newbie, and don't have none of the watches that use offline software but so far I've found that this were the softwares available:

    -Suunto Ski Manager
    -Suunto Activity Manager
    -Suunto Activity Manager Lite
    -Suunto Training Manager
    -Suunto Trek Manager
    -Suunto Team Manager
    -Suunto Dive Manager (version 4 still available on Suunto's website)
    -Suunto Golf Manager
    -Suunto Sail Manager

    I guess it would be usefull to get sources for this softwares for someone who wants to used them.
    So here is my contribution:

    Sunto Activity Manager 2.3.2 (I guess the latest one is 2.3.4, and from what I understand some persons could make it work under Windows 7, thread here): available here.

    Suunto Training Manager 2.3.0: again not the latest one, from what I've read from source this is a copy of a T6C CD with STraM 2.3.0 inside, here.Suunto also gives this link, so this may be the latest version.

    Suunto Dive Manager: I think that DM4 may be enough for everyone but just in case, here are some older versions.Version 3.1 here.

    Suunto Trek Manager: version 1.2.2 here

    Suunto Golf Manager: version 3.0.8 here

    Suunto Activity Manager Lite: version 1.2 here

    Suunto Ski Manager: update to version 1.1 here, the most recent is 1.2 but couldn't get it.If anyone has the full file please share.

    Suunto Sail Manager: update to version 1.1.3 here, there is version 2.X but I couldn't get it.If anyone has the full file please share.

    Kinda offtopic but here is a guide on how to mod a Suunto Gekko to Vyper, one of the websites linked sometimes has issues, I have all files with me, like the ones in links, so if anyone needs just pm me.
    And here is a group with lots of stuff for the T6, to see the files you just have to join the group.
    And here is an Windows XP Update that solve problems with some suunto programs here

    All credits go to uploaders, I just gather everything together.
    If everyone has more softwares or newer versions that they want to share, go ahead.
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