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    Casio Red Backlight Mod?

    Hi Guys,

    I just bought a Casio GWM5610-1, and I wanted to do a military mod with NATO adapters and an inverted display. However, I really like the display of the DW5600MS-1CR with the red numbers. I've looked around but I haven't seen any information on how to replace the normal backlight with a red or amber backlight. Is it just a layer of film? Does anyone know how I could do this or where to get that part? It looks like someone replaced that piece in this thread: Resurrection of The PHANTOM !!

    This is my first watch mod and my first thread, so if anyone has any info that would be greatly appreciated, and if I find out how I'll be sure to post it here.


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    Re: Casio Red Backlight Mod?

    Not sure how it's done in the watches with red displays from the factory. To change to negative display you need to replace the polarized filter. I put orange lighting gel on my DW5600EV-1. While the display is orange, it still shows blue/green with the backlight on. I would think that just using a red or amber filter wouldn't do the trick, since the el in a standard G doesn't put out much in that part of the visible spectrum.

    Sorry, ended up outside of the regular forum and didn't catch this is an older thread.
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    Re: Casio Red Backlight Mod?

    Jzoo are you trying to get it to look like the 5000ml?

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    I've tried the red filters , in the custom squares thread, and like you said it looks red until you hit the light, then not so much. It's hard because if the red filter is too dark then you cant read the watch very well. I eventually gave up and bought an ML module. ML's are highly sought after often selling for a few hundred or more. There was a thread recently where a guy used a sharpie to pen over the led, but with EL it's a different story.
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