What is the longest lasting g-shock
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Thread: What is the longest lasting g-shock

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    What is the longest lasting g-shock

    Hi I am considering buying a g shock. Now I have a nice swiss self winding watch. Trouble is it needs maintenance which I didn't expect. So I am looking for a NO maintenance very robust watch that lasts very very long. Additionally, I want to have it with solar as then I don't need to change batteries. Which g shock do you suggest and how long do they last.



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    Re: What is the longest lasting g-shock

    I cant say about logetivity of solar G Shocks, but if you want solar, you cant go wrong with Citizen Eco drive!! I have had mine for 11 years and it is still the most accurate of my watches and still looks nice!! I gave it to my uncle as it wasnt getting much wrist time as my collection got other watches, but it showed me Citizen really knows how to make a great quality solar watch!!
    If you live in an area that has Atomic reception, go for their AT line of watches, the thing really works and once you set it, you just wear it, it does everything by itself!!
    I am not trying to say that G-Shocks are bad, I have one that I wear every day, but if you had a swiss mechanic, I guess you are used to a more traditional looking watch (not rubbery huge thing) so Citizen would be the way to go if I were you!!

    Also you should know that if you wear a G shock every day as a single watch, the strap will eventually brake and you will need a new one my friend has changed 3 in 6 years (but he works with construction materials), I am still on my original one after 5 years but it wasnt my only watch so it wasnt worn 24/7.
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    Re: What is the longest lasting g-shock

    - solar. Easily last for 10 years before next battery change.
    - multiband 6 so it's dead accurate if you live in coverage area.
    - stainless steel case with DLC, indestructible compared to resin case Gs.
    - Like mentioned above probably you will only need bezel and band change every few years. If you just wearing the watch for desk job, then the rubber should last 5 years at least. USD 50 for the bezel and band for 5 years "maintenance cost" not bad at all.
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    Re: What is the longest lasting g-shock

    Quote Originally Posted by gzpermadi View Post
    USD 50 for the bezel and band for 5 years "maintenance cost" not bad at all.
    from pacparts
    band: $16.63

    I guess after shipping cost to Dubai it's closer to $50.
    I agree the GW-5000 is a solid watch. I'm wearing mine right now :)

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    Re: What is the longest lasting g-shock

    I bought a few new G-Shocks to try to replicate the success of this one. I am positive I have never changed the battery. This seldom left my wrist from 1990(?) to 2011. I have since demolished a timex and some Casio DW-6900s. I just ordered a GW-5000 but I wonder if the solar part of it is a liability versus a strength compared to this old school lithium battery. It does have the "tuna can" screw down back that I think is better than the flat plate held with 4 screws. Either that is going to work for another 20 years or I am refurbishing this one.
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    Re: What is the longest lasting g-shock

    I have been using a WW-5100 since 1985, except for not even two years.
    I have gone through a couple of bezels and straps, and the last bezel that would fit on the watch was a poorer quality than the original.
    Now I am wearing it without a bezel.
    It has given me such good service that I will buy another digital Casio, but this time with a s/s strap and body.
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