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Thread: STEINHART PROTEUS - This is the only thread you need to read.

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    STEINHART PROTEUS - This is the only thread you need to read.

    Welcome to the Proteus Project.

    This thread is intended for those who want all the pertinent details but don’t want to read through the 70-plus threads containing over 4,000 posts that detail every step of the Proteus' creation.

    The Steinhart Proteus is the result of a collaborative effort between members of the Watchuseek community and Steinhart Timepieces. Over a year in the making, the Proteus is finally becoming a reality and is set to begin shipping to lucky owners in January 2011.

    This thread is divided into eight posts that provide all the basic details you need in order to buy your own Steinhart Proteus.
    1. The Introduction – You’re reading it.
    2. The Watch – All the specifications including cost.
    3. The Drafts – Samples of the design artwork.
    4. The Prototype – Actual photos of a Proteus prototype.
    5. The Goodies – Details on the extras you’ll get with your Proteus.
    6. The Remaining Few – A list of those waiting to get an unclaimed Limited Edition.
    7. The Deposit – How to order your Proteus.
    8. The Proteus - Actual photos of the production watch.
    If you have a question regarding anything you’ve read in this thread, please post it in an appropriate thread within the WUSSE sub-forum.
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    The WATCH

    Technical Specifications

    Name: Steinhart Proteus
    Type: Sport

    Type: Swiss Made ETA 2893-2 Automatic (25.6 mm x 4.1 mm), 21 jewels, 28,800 vph - 4 Hz
    Functions: Hours, minutes, sweep seconds (with stop-seconds/hacking), date, second time zone (GMT)

    Case: Individually numbered High Grade Titanium
    Case Back: Engraved surgical grade Stainless Steel
    Bezel: Fixed surgical grade Stainless Steel
    Diameter: 45 mm (not including crown)
    Height: 16.9 mm
    Lug Width: 24 mm
    Water Resistance: 30 ATM

    Dial: Midnight-Blue
    Indices: Swiss Super LumiNova BG W9
    Hands: Swiss Super LumiNova BG W9

    Front: Domed Sapphire - double Anti-Reflective coating on inside
    Back: NA

    136 g (4.8 oz) without strap

    Material: Black anti-allergenic natural rubber with orange stitching (lined with water-resistant leather)
    Buckle: Stainless Steel

    465 EUR (approx. $635 USD)
    Price does not include VAT (EU residents only) and shipping.
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    The DRAFTS

    Name:  proteus.jpg
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    Name:  proteusbezels.jpg
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    Name:  wusselume1.jpg
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    Name:  proteusengravin.jpg
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    Images of the Proteus pre-production prototype:

    Name:  proteusproto14.jpg
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    Name:  proteusproto06.jpg
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    Name:  proteusproto09.jpg
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    Name:  proteusproto03.jpg
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    Name:  proteusproto13.jpg
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    Name:  proteusproto02.jpg
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    Along with the Steinhart Proteus and strap detailed in the specifications, each watch will include this impressive list of extras:
    • A quick-change, black DLC coated stainless steel bezel with Super LumiNova (BG W9) numerals.
    • Exclusive midnight-blue high-quality buffalo leather strap with white stitching (matches the dial) and a stainless steel buckle.
    • Specially designed stainless steel tool for quick-changing the bezels and straps.
    • A genuine leather roll-up pouch with velvet-like interior finished with orange stitching (see pictures) and packed in a signed white canvas bag.
    Note: Items in the pouch below are for display purposes only and do not reflect the those listed above.

    Name:  proteuspouch01.jpg
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    Name:  proteuspouch03.jpg
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    Name:  proteuspouch06.jpg
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    The Steinhart Proteus is a Limited Edition watch. Only 111 examples of this fine timepiece will be produced, and each watch will be engraved with its own LE number (xxx/111). Once they have been sold they will be gone for good.

    At the moment every LE number has been reserved, however, we do anticipate that there will be a few people that will drop-out from the project. This means the LE number they reserved will become available again. We will assign these LE numbers in the order that they become available to those on the waiting list that is posted below. Given the late stage of the Proteus Project and to expedite the process, those on the waiting list will be given an LE number - in other words, there will NOT be an option to choose a number, so please don't ask.

    If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please post your interest in the WUSSE - Reserve List thread.
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    If you don't have a Proteus LE Number already reserved, you'll have to get on the Waiting List:
    1. Go to the WUSSE - Reserve List thread and create a new post that mentions you would like to be added to the Waiting List. Your addition to the list will be confirmed in the same thread - usually within 24 hours - and your name should appear in the post above this one.
    2. If a Proteus becomes available, you will be given a Limited Edition number and a special ordering CODE in a Private Message (PM) here on WUS (make sure your profile is set-up to receive private messages!). This CODE is registered to the Limited Edition number that you were given. Your name will be moved to the last post of the WUSSE - LE Numbering thread.

    If you have been assigned a Proteus LE number and a CODE, these are the steps to order your watch:
    1. Once you receive your CODE you will only have until Jan. 28, 2011 to visit the special Proteus ordering page (auf Deutsch) at the Steinhart website and pay a 50 EUR deposit for your Proteus. (IMPORTANT: Do not use the PayPal link on the ordering page. Wait for your confirmation email to arrive from Steinhart and use the PayPal information contained in it to make your deposit.)
    2. When your Proteus is ready you will receive an email directly from Steinhart. At that point you will need to pay the balance of the order and Steinhart will ship you your watch.

    IMPORTANT NOTES (please read):
    • If you don’t pay your deposit in the time allowed we will assume that you are no longer interested in receiving a Proteus and your LE number will be revoked and given to the next person on the waiting list.
    • Deposits are Non-refundable.
    • Please be patient when waiting for your email from Steinhart saying the watch is ready. There is no point in filling their inbox with requests for delivery dates. WE WILL post updates as to the status of the Proteus here in this forum.

    Notice of upcoming deposit deadline: This is a reminder to those who still haven't paid their deposit. All ordering CODEs will expire on Sunday, Jan. 28. Anyone who hasn't paid by that date will lose their Proteus LE Number and it will be re-issued to those on the waiting list.
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    Here, for your enjoyment, are photos of the first Proteus to roll off the production line:

    Name:  proteusfinal04.jpg
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    Name:  proteusfinal03.jpg
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    Name:  proteusfinal07.jpg
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    Name:  proteusfinal09.jpg
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    Name:  proteusfinal12.jpg
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    Name:  proteusfinal02.jpg
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    Name:  proteusfinal05.jpg
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    Name:  proteusfinal11.jpg
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    Name:  proteusfinal14.jpg
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