Four new timepieces celebrate the opening of VC’s Moscow boutique
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Thread: Four new timepieces celebrate the opening of VC’s Moscow boutique

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    Four new timepieces celebrate the opening of VC’s Moscow boutique

    Vacheron Constantin has taken up residence in Berlin House in the heart of Moscow with the opening of an exclusive new boutique. To commemorate the occasion they have produced four special watches, one a unique piece.

    The watches are variously equipped with a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar, an equation of time as well as sunrise and sunset times for the city of Moscow.

    Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique

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    This unique piece is the star of the show. Issued especially for the inauguration of the new Moscow Boutique, it pays tribute to a longstanding expertise, acquired over a period of almost 260 years by a Manufacture that set out to ‘conquer’ Russia with watches at a very early stage in its history.

    Made from 950 platinum, the watch is a compendium of major horological complications. Its 457-part calibre features a tourbillon along with several astronomical-type complications such as the perpetual calendar, the equation of time and the sunrise and sunset times for the city of Moscow. The calibre has an exceptional 14-day power reserve. Its technical configuration is based on two pairs of two coupled barrels; while the power reserve is visible on the bridge side and clearly visible through the sapphire crystal case-back.

    The equation of time is probably is used to indicate the difference in minutes between the variable solar time shown by a sundial and the constant mean time of clocks and watches. Solar noon, the exact time when the sun reaches its zenith, does not generally correspond to the legal standard time shown by watches. In actual fact, solar time and mean time coincide just four times a year – on April 15th, June 14th, September 1st and December 24th. For the rest of the year, the difference between solar and mean time varies from minus 16 minutes to plus 16 minutes.

    Making this complication work depends on the equation cam, a waisted oval or analemma, shaped like a figure 8 and calculated according to the daily declination of the sun observed from a given spot in the course of a calendar year. The cam rotates once a year and the extreme precision of its shape governs the accuracy of the equation of time. This fascinating complication is displayed by a short hand appearing between 10 and 11 o’clock on the dial of the Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique timepiece.

    Unusually, the watch also features the times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year at a given locality. This extremely intricate complication serves to provide an accurate daily indication of these times for the city of Moscow. Here too, the mechanism relies on a cam, the outline of which is calculated according to the latitude and longitude of Moscow Its symmetrical display shows the sunrise times at 8 o’clock and sunset times at 4 o’clock.

    The tourbillon carriage, in the shape of a Maltese cross, rotates once a minute at 6 o’clock as a small seconds indication. The indications of the perpetual calendar are symmetrically laid out with the days, the months and the dates at 9, 12 and 3 o’clock respectively, while the leap-year indicator makes a circumspect appearance at 1 o’clock. As proof of its quality, the Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique model also bears the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva, reserved for only a handful of Geneva manufactures.

    The 44mm 950 platinum watch comes on a black alligator strap and is accompanied by a pair of 18-carat white gold and onyx cufflinks matching the Vacheron Constantin timepiece.

    Three other watches are also on offer, also in limited issues.

    Patrimony Perpetual Calendar

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    Issued in a 30-piece limited edition, the Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Moscow Boutique Edition is powered by the Calibre 1120 QP, acknowledged to be one of the most iconic perpetual calendar movements. This timepiece will be able to keep track of all the vagaries of the calendar and require no correction whatsoever until March 1st 2100. Unlike simple calendar mechanisms that require manual correction after each month with less than 31 days, the perpetual calendar takes account of the leap-year cycle with its months of 31, 30 or 28 days, and the quadrennial return of February 29th.

    Beneath its opaline black dial, the lunar disc portrays a golden moon set against a lapis lazuli sky. The 41 mm-diameter 18K white gold case is water-resistant to 30 metres.

    Patrimony retrograde day-date Moscow Boutique

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    This timepiece is issued in a 20-piece limited edition. The watch is equipped with a double complication revealed by two retrograde indications, the Patrimony retrograde day and date Moscow Boutique watch will thrill connoisseurs. Strength, instantaneity and precision: these are the three key elements perfectly ‘tamed’ by the Vacheron Constantin so as to ensure that the complexity of the two retrograde displays remains hidden beneath a seemingly simple outward appearance.

    At the heart of this timepiece is the 283-part Calibre 2460R31R7 – a mechanical self-winding movement designed, developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin –it drives the hours and minutes as well as date and day of the week functions. Beating at the rhythm of 28,800 vibrations per hour, Calibre 2460R31R7 features an over 40-hour power reserve. Like the other watches in the collection, this watch is certified by the Hallmark of Geneva. Comes with a pair of 18k white gold cufflinks.

    Traditionnelle Moscow Boutique

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    Issued in a 30-piece limited edition, this timepiece also meets the demanding requirements of the Hallmark of Geneva – the highest benchmark in the field of Haute Horlogerie testifying to the quality, craftsmanship and reliability of an exceptional timepiece produced within the territory of the Canton of Geneva.

    The ultra-thin self-winding 1120 movement has an approximately 40-hour power reserve. Its finishing and construction are a testament to its finely crafted nature. Not only are the main flat surfaces of the movement adorned with a meticulous “Côtes de Genčve” motif, but all their sharp angles are bevelled and hand-polished – as too are the screw heads. Like the other watches, this one comes with a pair of cufflinks, this time in 18k white gold.

    Visit the Vacheron Constantin website
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    Re: Four new timepieces celebrate the opening of VC’s Moscow boutique

    The bottom one.
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    Re: Four new timepieces celebrate the opening of VC’s Moscow boutique

    Wow these peaches look amazing....well done. Brings me back to VC

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    Re: Four new timepieces celebrate the opening of VC’s Moscow boutique

    Quote Originally Posted by Watchbreath View Post
    The bottom one.
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    Re: Four new timepieces celebrate the opening of VC’s Moscow boutique

    Quote Originally Posted by Watchbreath View Post
    The bottom one.
    Absolutely. Have mercy.
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    Re: Four new timepieces celebrate the opening of VC’s Moscow boutique

    I think VC has the best dial design among the high-end brands.

    It achieves a great balance between the classic and the contemporary.
    newb watch collector/high-end watch admirer

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