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    Picture this: Armand Nicolet Original Historical Movements

    We talk about the watches as a finished product every day, but unless you happen to be in close proximity to Switzerland it is not every one who has had the chance to see watches being made first hand. Even if you do happen to be in Switzerland it is still not that easy because each of the manufacture’s is extremely cautious about secrecy and discretion, and they do not always allow visitors.

    So here by way of a change from hard news about finished products, is a visual presentation of the artisan’s job carried out by master watchmakers to restore and tune the Armand Nicolet’s O.H.M. (Original Historical Movements) featured in their Limited Edition watches. The quantity is determined by the amount of original historical movements still left available.

    The original historical movements from the 1950’s and 1960’s are recovered and tuned in Armand Nicolet’s atelier by skilled watchmakers who manually restore and re-assemble each of these unique pieces. When they arrive they look like pieces of metalwork, when they are finished they look like the exquisite and highly polished movements we gaze at admiringly through the sapphire crystal case back of high-end watches. These precious movements are the result of many years of expertise and dedication to the watch makers craft.

    These backstage images have been released by Armand Nicolet to give an indication of the processes involved so as to to help us better understand the history and effort it is possible to wear on one’s wrist!

    Armand Nicolet creates mechanical watches of limited production, resulting from the know-how and special technical skills of their specialists, many of whom have worked for the Maison for generations. These watches bear excellent handmade finishing, from the movement, available in various complications, to the rest of the components such as dials, cases, straps, and buckles.

    Armand Nicolet watches have the DNA of some of the most refined of Swiss watches. Today the watches that were produced in the past have been meticulously studied by Armand Nicolet’s master watchmakers and these pictures show how it all comes together.

    The process

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    Visit the Armand Nicolet website

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    Re: Picture this: Armand Nicolet Original Historical Movements

    Check out what Thomas Prescher has done to the 2824, it'll make inhouse movement snobs get severe
    chest pains. "I'm coming to join you Lizbeth".

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