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    Pushing the limits: Slyde Sport

    The essence of modern, high-end watchmaking

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    Slyde timepieces draw on a whole range of groundbreaking technologies and merge them into the world of 21st century luxury watchmaking. Incorporating the craftsmanship and accuracy of high-end watch-making, the technology of an Internet platform and the aura of prestige, Slyde features a touchscreen powered by a high-tech, graphic engine with a groundbreaking navigation system. Thanks to the host of display combinations, users can generate an endless variety of movements on their wrist.

    Two awe-inspiring figures: Jorg Hysek & Fabrice Gonet

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    Jorg Hysek

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    Fabrice Gonet

    Jorg Hysek, the world-renowned designer, obsessed with micro-mechanics and passionate about art and sculpture, is constantly reinventing the realms of “Design”. Fabrice Gonet, an esthete of the alternative Scene, whose creativity is inspired by science-fiction and steeped in technology, develops an ingenious mix of watchmaking engineering and electronics. Their creative energy is endless, constantly pushing back the limits, overcoming obstacles and rising up to challenges. In short, they realize their dreams into designs!

    Slyde Sport, the metamorphosis continues


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    When creating this timepiece and its mechanism, its designers did not have a particular sport in mind. The idea was to capture the very essence of Sport: “stronger, higher, faster” (P. de Coubertin).

    Each athlete practices their sport, living out their passion by training and undertaking individual or team games, upholding the competitive spirit. Whatever the sport, the most important thing is what motivates the athlete.

    Slyde Sport is for those who want to push the limits and be “the best”.

    The timepiece, decorated in different colors with an aerated strap, optimizes the synergy between all its different components. The scrolling time display, inspired by athletics, reflects the rules and spirit of sport. The numbers represent the limits, while the track field and its lanes are mapped out with lines. The animation sets the dynamics: position, movement and speed. Whatever the sport, it implies a challenge, a time-related performance. This is embodied in a classic stop-watch with start & stop functions.

    The central display screen, a vital component in the sporting community, is inspired by stadium LED display screens where time, scores and various messages or advertisements can be displayed in turn. This gives life to the mechanism.

    The strap uses a “racing-touch” inspired design with colorful bands in the style of a Ford GT-40 chromed grill, highlighting the masculine touch and asserting the owner’s personality.

    Initial Phase

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    Stemming from the traditional roots of Haute Horlogerie and the contemporary nature of the sporting world, the SLYDE Sport takes design and performance to another level. Worldwide editions are limited to 500 pieces per color and are available in three unique versions: yellow, red and white. These colors are those most illustrated in the world of sport, past and present.

    Visit the Slyde website
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    Re: Pushing the limits: Slyde Sport

    Shape is simple but beautiful. It's so good!

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