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    Old Gilbert Mantle Clock

    I had acquired about 2 years ago a 1930s Gilbert mantle clock for around $60 at a local antique store. When I first bought it it was in pretty rough shape and had never been cleaned or overhauled in its entire 70+ year history, all of the brass bright work on the clock (the bezel and the hands) were tarnished beyond recognition, the movement barely ran and the wooden case was beat to h*ll and back, so I took it to the local repairman and he brought the old timer back to life again. Now it runs and strikes as good as it did when it was new back in the 1930s. It is a Gilbert model 1807 (according to the dial) and the case style is in the "Tambour" style, it strikes the "bim-bam" style chimes on the hour and a single note chime on the half hour by means of one of the hammers being dropped by a lever on the back of the movement when the minute hand reaches the half hour position on the dial. Just wanted to post it on here to see what other fellow clock thought of my find.


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