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    Breitling Boxes, inner and outer...

    Hello all. From a previous response post on the main forum this information...

    In fact, that specific box (note: a box for auction on Ebay, black bakelite with hinged top, wings and block logo and black leather pillow/cushion interior) is vintage 2005-late 2006. It was the last of the Bakelite in that format before Breitling went to the curved top box with leather carrying case inside. Just previous to the box you question was the 2003-2004 box with the only difference being beige leather instead of black leather inside. Prievious to that (2001-2002) the bakelite box had beige leather interior but no wings logo on top, only block lettering logo. All of those boxes had the yellow outer box with silver perimeter. Previous to that, late 90's to 2000, the box had yellow script logo on top with black foam cushion and pillow inside. There are a few variants of that box, some had leather inside the top, some had cloth, some had wings logo impressed, some silkscreened. The outer cardboard box for that vintage was striped with black/yellow thin curves and had Breitling logo printed on it also. Special or limited edition watches (display back Cosmo, Scott Carpenter Cosmo, USAF 50th anny Chronomat, etc.) in the late 90's had "marbleized" (vice black) bakelite boxes with lids which were not hinged. These marbleized boxes had outer boxes with a classic airplane (Piper Cub) stylized onto the cardboard and a fold down side. For the late 90's through 2000 boxes, the inner foam cushion had one of three different styles of "pin" logos stuck into the foam. They were; scroll logo, oval logo or wings logo. Breitling also began to attach plastic "hang tags" to their watches in the late 90's. The originals were yellow elongated hexagon shaped on a corded string. In 2000 they became round and indicated chronometer certification. They were still yellow with blue lettering and string cord. In 2003 the tags changed to red lettering and string cord. Earlier 90's boxes were blue, yellow or white leather outside with white cloth cushion and pillows inside. The outer cardboard box was white. Even earlier Breitlings were delivered in long watch "cases" similar to a ladies bracelet. Be advised that whether a piece was bought from a dealer new or an individual pre-owned, the vintage of the watch doesn't always match the vintage of the box for reasons which should be obvious. Hope this helps...
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