I thought I would post a bit of information on a very rare pice of Breitling gear. The Breitling Field tool kit.

This kit is shown in the 06-07 dealer book under the section for Maintenance.

The ref number is 901.042

The kit contains a series of tools used to preform basic service on a Breitling watch including strap changes, and bracelet size changes. There is also a special case back opener for basic snap on watch backs and a variety of pins and special small tubes for the bracelets. Also included is a reference booklet that shows detailed information on changing the size on a bracelet using the included tools. There is one very nice tool that is used to push the pins out of the Rouleaux bracelets. You can see it in the center of the bottom of the box with a blue and yellow handle. I recently used the tool to shorten the bracelet on my Thunderbirds Chrono and it worked like a champ.