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    Emergency Battery Change

    Emergency Battery Change Procedure
    Copyright TXTURBO 2008
    Rev P6

    Disclaimer… If you wreck your watch don’t blame me… I sacrificed my perfectly good watch so you can change your own battery.
    For the record when you send your watch in for service your getting a full service, not just a battery change. The watch is completely disassembled, inspected, all parts are cleaned and refinished, new gaskets installed, adjusted and fully tested for functionality and water tightness. It’s not just a $500 battery change. It's a pro service. If you can afford it you should do it.
    This is simply a battery change, nothing more. I made the procedure as detailed as I could but in reality it only takes about 10 min.
    1. You must have reasonably good vision
    2. You must be reasonably mechanically inclined. On a scale of 1- 10, 1 you can change a flashlight battery, 10 you can install a Supercharger kit on a C6 Corvette you need about a 2.
    1. Transmitter tester
    2. Precision screwdriver set
    3. Blade type caseback opener, you could use a screwdriver but it’s not the right tool for the job and may cause undue marring of the movement case back and damage to the gasket. You could use a pocket knife but I would not recommend it. Don't be A HACK. You can get a cheap watch tool kit for 20 Bucks off ebay.
    4. Q tips
    5. Rubbing alcohol
    6. Maxell SR927W batteries for the movement
    7. CR2025'S for the transmitter
    8. Lint free work surface
    9. Nice bright light
    10. Latex exam gloves
    11. Jewelers Loupe
    12. At least 1 beer, I prefer XX Lager.
    13. Camera, so you can take pictures and show us all how easy it was!


    1. Thoroughly clean and dry your watch, leave the watch to dry overnight because there is a gap between the movement and the case that can still have some liquid trapped. You could try and blow it out with an air gun but I don’t recommend it. Remove the band.
    2. Put on your gloves, pop your beer and take a swig.
    3. Place the watch face down on the lint free cloth.
    4. Select a screwdriver that fits the screw head properly. Do not use a screwdriver that is too small or you will mark the screw head, you want it to be perfect right?
    5. In a star pattern start to relieve the tension on the screws, ¼ - ½ turn on each screw till all the screws are completely loose. Hold the case and movement together and flip the watch over to get the screws out then place the watch face down.
    6. Lift the watch up off the lint free cloth leaving the watch movement case face down on the cloth. Set the watch back down, face down.
    7. Clean the watch movement. Using your q tip and alcohol very gently clean around the bottom corner of the movement to remove any trapped dirt. Do not remove the gasket that seals the transmitter. Basically you want to remove any dirt that may contaminate the sealing surface during reassembly. Because the gap between the movement and the case is so small there should be very little to clean up.
    8. Open the movement. Under the 6 o clock position in the side of the movement case you will see a slot. This slot is designed for a caseback tool, not a screwdriver . With the watch movement face down on the lint free cloth place gentle pressure inward until you feel the tool is engaged then twist very slightly. The case back will disengage from the movement case. Do not push inward with the case back tool or you may damage the seal. Just be gentle and you should not have a problem. The movement case back is actually held in place with the 4 screws removed in step 5 so the only thing your doing with the case back opener is popping the gasket.
    9. Make note of the orientation of the movement back to the crown of the movement for easy reassembly.
    10. With the back off of the movement replace the battery.
    11. Using a q tip clean any residue off the movement case back and movement sealing surface.
    12. Using your Jewelers Loupe inspect the sealing surfaces for residue, clean further if necessary. If cracking is found in the gasket you need to send the watch in for a full service if you want it to be watertight.
    13. Place the movement face down on the lint free cloth. Carefully align the movement case back taking note of it’s position from step 9, gently set it on the movement. Use two of the screws removed from step 5 and place them into the holes and screw them in 3 or 4 turns, this is to align the case back perfectly.
    14. Press gently down on the case back until the back pops back on. You won’t need to push too hard. Take a swig.
    15. Remove the screws and place the movement to the side.
    16. Lift the watch case straight up and look inside the case at the sealing surface. If it’s clean you can flip the watch over, if not you need to clean it with your q-tip. You do not want any dirt falling into the watch.
    17. Using the proper screwdriver replace the transmitter batteries. Do not touch anything else.
    18. Clean the sealing surface of the main case.
    19. Place the case face down onto the movement, press down with your finger and hold the back of the watch down while you insert the screws. Do not remove the pressure until the screws are tight. You want to keep any particles that come off the screw from contaminating the sealing surface during reassembly.
    20. Insert the 4 screws into the holes and start to turn them in ¼ to ½ turn at a time in a star pattern. Continue until the screws are tight. Do not over tighten.
    21. Re install the band.
    22. Set the watch.
    23. Test the transmitter
    24. Get the watch wet, you want to know if it’s water tight now not when you need it.
    25. Test the transmitter again.
    26. Enjoy.

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    Re: Emergency Battery Change

    Holy smokes did you just do that with an 18k Emergency?


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    Emergency Battery Change Procedure.pdf

    Hey guys,

    It's been a little while since I visited the forum and I missed all this drama. I thought I would help out a bit and create a pdf of one of our fellow members thread. I tried to post this in his thread but didn't have permission so I started this one. If mods want to combine them... have at it.
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    Re: Emergency Battery Change

    You have guts my friend, I can strip a damp proofing pump and reassemble in 1hr with all new gaskets and diaphragm but no way I would do what yo did.

    Balls sheer balls and great big brass ones at that.
    Cheers then


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