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    Question Shock Resistance?....

    Viewed a program on the Learning Channel about building and testing watches. The watch illustrated was a Tag Heur "Carrera" and the program showed the process start to finish. At one point, after the movement is encased, the watches are given a drop test from three different heights to simulate a range of possible "G" force acceleration imparted on the piece. The description was thus...

    150 G = Swinging a golf club.
    500 G = Playing tennis.
    1000 G = Accidentally banging the watch into a wall.

    Having watched the program I can feel better about forgetting to remove my watch during a round of golf if I ever do that (forget). I've always erred on the side of prudence and removed the watch first but hey, that's just me... Anyway, remember to have your wrist over a bed or couch when you put a watch on or remove it. An accidental fall of 3 1/2 ft. to a hard surface will indeed impart potentially expensive damage to your watch. Ask me how I know...
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