JLC student dissertation research help request

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    JLC student dissertation research help request

    Dear fellow JLC enthusiasts,

    I am new to this forum and am posting my for the first time with a request for some research help from those that are highly enthusiastic about JLC.

    I am a 23 year old with a passion for luxury watches that is currently writing a dissertation on JLC's strategy for my MSc in Strategy at Lund University in Sweden (though I am from the UK.....).

    I need approximately 8-10 volunteers who would be happy for me to email over 5 question in about 7-10 days time to be answered. The questions will hopefully excite the connoisseurs among you and more importantly, all responses from those that will help shall be completely confidential in my final report. Not only would this really help me out with the degree, but the dissertation is even being sent to JLC themselves and those that help out answering the questions will also be emailed a soft copy by myself.

    Since this is my first post I cannot seemingly post my email address directly in a message, note that it is adamwoodall1993 (all lower cases and no spaces), with the email provider being Hopefully that makes sense for everyone!

    Many Thanks,


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    Re: JLC student dissertation research help request

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Re: JLC student dissertation research help request

    First, welcome. Second, I'd be happy to answer your questionnaire. Send me a PM and I can answer that way, or I can send you my personal email through PM as well. Just let me know.
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    Re: JLC student dissertation research help request

    Welcome! How exciting. I'm happy to answer as well: here is a little treat that encapsulates literally and figuratively JLCs history of innovation! Name:  IMG_5660.JPG
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