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Thread: Show off your home-made watch box

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    Re: Show off your home-made watch box

    Quote Originally Posted by nikbrown View Post
    Finished up my box lid finally today!!! Got the hinges installed.

    Very nice!

    By the way, what brand of watch is that in the photo, can't quite make it out
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    Re: Show off your home-made watch box

    Here it is - my wife dissuaded me from putting in dividers, though that's still an option for the future, as are jewelry pillows to strap the watches on. I sanded most of the rough spots and the inside, and then put a decently weighty piece of cardboard covered in dark brown felt in the bottom. Put some felt chair feet/gliders on the bottom so it doesn't scratch up the top of my dresser, and now I have a nice place to put my watches. It looks to me like it should hold 3 watches, though I just have one right now with one on the way.

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    Re: Show off your home-made watch box

    Hats off to you sir, high quality work.

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    Re: Show off your home-made watch box

    Work in progress, I still need to finish the top and some dividers. But overall I'm happy with it so far.

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    Re: Show off your home-made watch box

    Here is my Watch box as i build it. still have to make the interior covering of the mdf pieces and bottom of drawers any ideas. i am think velvet glued to a squishi cardboard or foam material

    Cybulkiewicz Oraganizing My watch Collection.
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