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    [Share-How To] Change ToughSolar CTL1616 Battery On Protrek PRG-90

    Hi there, I would like to share this and sorry if I POST on Article&Tutorials (G-Shock) but my model is ToughSolar Protrek PRG90. But I do hope other ToughSolar user can also get know about ToughSolar battery.

    Watch is PRG-90 with green rubber/resin band. Purchase on 2008.
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    Unfortunately, the RECOV problem is still happen. It’s getting worst. So, whenever the watch wake up from the Power Saving Mode, even it’s in H indicator then push the LIGHT or COMPASS then RECOV mode will appear. Sometime light turn on, but dim and flick. The 2nd time push the light RECOV appear. In Compass mode, sometime it can measure for a while but RECOV appear. For a while bring the watch into sunshine can solve (temporary) the problem. However after continue using, it’s useless the problem Reappear. Thank you to Mr. Sjorn (his:G-Shock model) describe in 50 Gs as BLUE RECOVERY problem happening some TOUGH SOLAR with CTL1616 battery.

    But my Protrek is not daily heavy use, mostly for outdoor activity with plenty of sunshine about 1-2 week, then will be in Power Saving/PS mode. Hence it may slow the process and keep use it for 9 year without problem( I purchase in it 2008). However I read some user already facing the deteriorate soonest, well just MHO, probably may due the daily use (frequent using light & triple sensor) as the watch design to be. So the battery is still having good voltage but can not acquire current needed to perform the function.But due the course it can be breakdown.

    What is a benefit of good watch if not perform well. So the option is to obtain & change the battery to reseolve the problem. Having contacting the authorized service of Casio in Indonesia, well, strange they don’t have the part available (despite the fact they sold the Tough Solar product and they should aware the possibility of the battery failure, i.e many report from local forum here describe how some of ToughSolar watch having problem). And CTL1616F now labeling as MADE IN INDONESIA. So, ordering online, lucky online seller is available also in Indonesia.
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    Now to change it, I must admit I prefer to it myself. But this is will be my first time tinkering with more complicated Protrek watch. I can not easily access the screw because it’s hidden under the rubber band. How to do it correctly without damage the band. And secondly to figure out the inside of the watch, especially how may spring & location and try to avoid miss it. Also thanks to some many guidance here before usually I will apply the gasket treatment with ‘silicone grease’ to prolong the gasket’s life and avoid water ingest.

    But thank you, and I credited to this people which inform how to do it ;
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXQWmUlOjaU : for opening rubber band of (in this case PAW 1300 almost identical PRG90)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3wCo7A5c1c : for showing the internal spring&location of PRG-90 (although refer to ‘OPEN’ problem)

    The tools I used desribed as seen here
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    Now the process to change the battery I describe as here :
    1. REMOVING THE BAND TO ACCESS THE SCREW (see how rugged Casio’s design for the band)
    * For short band,
    - Push the pin to remove the lock & pin.
    - Pull the small knob on top carefully and band will go off easily.
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    * For long band ( A little be tricky ).
    - Push the pin to remove the lock & pin.
    - Pull the “Tough Solar knob” on top. This is more harder due its has locking latch and be careful not to break or tear the band. I found it also has a adhesive glue bottom on it, that’s why more effort to remove it. At first I use sharp knife from the knob’s bottom, but it doesn’t move and small part of the knob damage. So change it to thin blunt knife and start from the dial’s face position. It’s better angle as the lock latch are in more starting this position to bottom.
    - Remove the cover screw of Sensor protector
    - Remove the band gently slide it left/right avoid to tear the band’s small latch.
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    * Remove the back screw using correct tool size. Carefully pull the back cover
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    * See the gray protective rubber cover
    * See the 3 spring, 1 white spring and 2 yellow spring (which is having contact as ‘OPEN/CLOSE’ sensor on the back cover). At this stage, be carefully not to turn back the watch to avoid missing spring.
    * Using tweezer, the rubber cover can be easily lift up without disturbing the spring
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    * See the battery compartment,using small point gently push the lock lever and remove the old battery.
    * Gently wipe the battery face and using non conductive tweezer insert to its place. Then lock it.
    * Perform RESET by using metallic point to (AC) hole and (-) circle.
    (NOTE : no audible TONE may heard but assume it’s correct RESET then watch show 12:00)
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    * Perform the Gasket Maintenance (IF NEEDED),using small non sharp tips and the (correct) silicone grease. Gently small amount of grease can be dress up to thegasket without removing it.
    NOTE : IMHO, normally I did this step using SEIKO SILICONE GREASE. It’s good to add some extra protection after opening the case. I see small of water trace ingest through it on the corner of the back plate. However, I believe the seal itself will prevent more water leak, so as long the seal is good the the watch is assuming safe from water leak.
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    * Return back the rubber cover,make sure it has good position.
    * Return the back cover and screw it.

    Then I check the watch it’s blinking with CHG (CHARGE) Indicator and no function can be perform. Trully at this moment I am fear that I may miss some spring or mechanism so render the watch function (and Charging function too). And maybe it’s bad battery so may have problem on it. Attempt to charge it with blast of sun ray and 20 Minutes later it became H. Wow, I am relieve to see it and did the watch adjustment. Test the TRIPE FUNCTION and LIGHT, no sign of RECOV. So last step is to put back the band and give more sun ray to maximize the battery.
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    Here the OLD BATTERY CTL1616 (JAPAN 2) may look seem it's already deteriorate when magnify seem some chemical 'black' leak/residue on edge of it
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    Also some detail of the KNOB and the SENSOR COVER (see the small crew sit on top of gray ring)
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    And the damage on the TIP of the KNOB (when I force to open using sharp blade). The reason for sharp blade, there is no gap to insert the tool on it however better to use thin blunt one (mistake I want to share). So using a little rubber glue I patch to avoid more water in.
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    Thank you and sorry as this is own DIY if not suitable in any procedure (and also my poor written language).Just to share it a part to preserver our good watch and do the hobby

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