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    Stunning Norwegian reindeer pavilion

    Oslo-New York international design agency Snøhetta has created a stunning observation and information pavilion in Hjerkinn, Norway for the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Foundation.

    The spectacular site – called Tverrfjellhytta, which means "cross mountain" – is located on the outskirts of the Dovrefjell National Park, which coincidently overlook the Snøhetta mountains.

    The main purpose of the 75m2 building is to provide shelter for school groups and visitors as mountain guides lecture about the unique wildlife and history of the Dovre Mountain plateau.

    Dovrefjell is home to wild reindeer herds, musk oxen, arctic foxes and a variety of endemic botanical species. A long history of travelers, hunting traditions, mining and military activities have left their mark on this land.

    Natural, cultural and mythical landscapes form the basis of the architectural idea behind Tverrfjellhytta.

    The building design is based on a contrast between a rigid outer shell and a soft organic-shaped inner core.

    The wooden core is placed within a rectangular frame of raw steel and glass that is shaped as though it has been eroded by wind and running water. The organic form creates a protected and warm gathering place, while still preserving visitors" access to spectacular views.

    Considerable emphasis is put on the quality and durability of materials so that the building can withstand the harsh climate. The shelter's simple form and use of natural building materials reference local building traditions.

    Tourism and recreation continue to shape the cultural landscape of the area and Dovrefjell holds significant importance in the consciousness of Norway. National legends, myths, poetry, music and pilgrimages celebrate the mystic, eternal and grounded qualities of this locale. The founding motto of the Norwegian constitution are "greed and faithful, until the fall of Dovre!"

    The impressive design came is not surprising considering Snøhetta impressive track record. Among other successes, the company received the 2004 Aga Khan Award for Architecture for their brilliant revival of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.

    For more information, please visit Snøhetta


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    Re: Stunning Norwegian reindeer pavilion

    I just saw this on the MB&F website less than an hour ago. "Stunning" is not an overstatement. The pavilion is a thing of beauty.


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